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Monday, November 22, 2010

Lets do Lagos Traffic Reports on twitter!!!

We know traffic sucks, except from the part that you can buy a lot of stuff in traffic, traffic is generally a waste of time and energy.

Therefore [like in a math textbook], we've come up with a great plan to ease traffic and increase your productivity.

No it's not a flying car. We've decided to create a twitter[twitter label here] account @LagTraffReport that automatically posts all twitter updates with the hashtag #lagostrafficreport. So how does this work? Very simple. When you see traffic building up or traffic ahead of you on the road you tweet your current location and the report with the hashtag #lagostrafficreport.

For example: '#lagostrafficreport Traffic on thirdmainland bridge towards the island' or '#lagostrafficreport Traffic on Ikorodu Road towards Maryland'.

Everyfriday we'll add all the people who consistently tweet the hashtag to our follow friday list.

We strongly advise you do not tweet while you're driving. We count on you[the reader] to do this.

*Your comments and retweets are highly appreciated*