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Monday, November 29, 2010

M.I'S MI2 leaks online

So we've been following MI2 closely. From the release of Undisputed Champion to the album launch and now the album leak.

We went around the webs and found files from the MI2 album. Of course, we're not telling you where they are!

All we know is that the album has leaked[I personally have some files], and is already getting downloads. The files were uploaded on saturday the 27th and the album launched on the 25th. Tisk, Tisk, Tisk.I'll still buy the album!

I remember a discussion I had with a friend a few weeks ago and I specifically said Nigerian artistes should forget Alaba and focus on the internet. With the increasing ability to upload files and share them with friends and non-friends, Nigerian artistes will have to come together and work with a payment platform company[like interswitch] so people can buy songs and full albums.

We know notjustok allows you buy songs. But how many people have dollar accounts?

For now, you can download Undisputed, at least you know this was put online by the guys at Chocolate City.

You wouldn't steal a car, you wouldn't steal money, you shouldn't steal intellectual property!