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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aphrodite and Apollo[4]

This post is a continuation of the Aphrodite and Apollo story. If this is your first time reading this you should check our relationships page.

"So you are the only child?" I ask
"Yeah," He replies
"That is so rare in like Nigeria. You see them begetting children like they aren't going to pay school fees. Kinda like bacteria when you think about it."
"Yeah you know bacteria. They multiply really quickly. Like that guy with 72 children. When I saw it i was like what the hell was that guy thinking." Do not think that I haven't noticed that he was giving me one-word answers
"Don't do that,"
"Do what?" He looked so cute. But, no I must be firm
"Stop giving me one-word answers-If you want me to go just say so."
"What? I do not want you to go" He lied. I could see it in his eyes- the relief. Something I said must have triggered off the mood he was in.
"Do not insult my intelligence by attempting to lie to me. Don't worry I really don't mind" Of course I mind but I can't let him know that can I? Marc smiled at me.I love that smile. I just couldn't help melting. I know you are probably wondering how much more could a girl melt. Lemme just say a gurl will always melt if a sex-god smiles at her.
I smiled back, dropping the box on the floor and turn away.
"Lara," he called when I was halfway out of his house "My mom and I are visiting this evening. You know the neighbour drill"

I nodded and continued walking to my own house all the while wondering why he was so bothered about about one simple question. I was so deep in thought that I got home before I knew it- though its only a 2 minutes walk.

I still did not understand why the heck Romeo would move into my own estate-Magodo. I mean seriously the people that live in my estate are losers. Plus, we have absolutely nothing- No bookshop, cinema and we are seriously lacking. in the boys department. Lemme rephrase that: the boys are totally lacking in the hotness department.Its so bad that my eyes hurt whenever I see a Magodo boy.

On getting home I saw my mom standing on the balcony and I knew that she would want to know what they are like-she is nosy that way. So I quieten and move stealthily so she will not notice me. I works. Yes!! I thought breathing a sigh of relief when i finally closed the door to my room. My relief was short-lived.

"Lara, don't think I did not see you. I am not blind you know.Come right out here right now." I hear her laughter. She obviously find it funny that I wanted to avoid her and it did not work.
" Yes mummy" I shouted back. I mean if she wants to know how the Somefun's are she should have gone herself. In addition, I wanted to lie on my bed and think of all the things that i would say to Marc when he and his mom visits. Obviously I couldn't anymore, so I take of my pants- I mean underwear. I know you are probably wondering why I take off my pants. So I'll just tell you. I hate underwear. its so constrictive. And this is what I think about normal underwear not thongs. I can never wear thongs. God forbid. I am not about to do physical in jury to myself just to be sexy. No. No Abso-fucking-lutely way. Not even for Marc. Unless if he is wearing one as well. At least I know that both of us are suffering. Not that only me suffers while he is busy enjoying the view of my ass in a thong.

I pulled down my shirt making a mental note to wear my pants back around 7 o'clock as Marc and his mother should come around seven thirty. In case anything happens. I don't think I can survive it if anything should pull my shirt up.

Later that day...
Its funny when I think about it now though its was definitely not funny then. I still can not believe I forgot to wear my pants back.....

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