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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Greetings of the Season!

The year 2010 has finally come to an end. How do you feel? Are you thankful? Angry? Regretful? Well, however way you feel, I hope I can give you a little bit of hope by the end of this.
We at UPNEPA are rather excited to see the end of a year well spent. Not only in terms of our blog but in our personal lives. We have had success stories all year round and we want to sprinkle our joy on your hearts. Pardon my cheesy excitement, I just generally have a happy heart and I wish I could spread my joy to as many people as I can.

2010 was a year of great tidings, and bad news no doubt. So I won't be shocked if you said 'what's there to celebrate?' Trust me, I really wouldn't. But in our mourning, let us not forget that we are alive. We are alive to see this day and we are also alive to read this post. If there's anything we should be at least thankful for, it should be the gift of life. This is because of all the lives that were lost, the Lord said 'no, let me keep this special person' so be happy. Be thankful. Be grateful.

I had a lovely 2010. I wrote a brief summary of my year at The rare moment I sat down and thought about the life I've lived. My 2009 was clueless. I had no idea what I wanted in life and I saw 2010 and that changed. I went from the girl who had her head and heart in a polythene bag to the young woman who has her head on the game and is working her way towards it. I made a change and I'll be grateful if God gave me a chance to make an even greater change by this time next year.
What is your story of success in 2010? What do you want to achieve in 2011? How did you start your year off and have you made a change over 12 months?

We at UPNEPA started off this blog ... With no idea that we'd grow this much. We added up our blog statistics over the last month and we were excited with our results. Excuse my chitter-chatter. The point of the matter is that we have decided to diversify. In Business this is an economy of scale that is often classified as a risk. It is a risk on our side because we don't know how successful we'd be with our new plans but we are happy to let you readers know that by 2011, we should be more efficient and diverse with what we provide you.

Once again, think about your life and your pain and success stories of 2010. Yorubas believe that a disappointment is a blessing in disguise. Let us all step into the New Year with open hearts to receive what the Lord has put in stock for us. I'm not saying you should say 'new year, new me', I'm only saying we should be thankful for seeing a New Year. In Primary school, we sang a song that made us all understand how grateful we had to be to be alive praising God, because some people in the hospitals couldn't and those who have died cannot as well.
Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year from UPNEPA. We are grateful for your support. And we also hope this post changes the mindset of some people.


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