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Monday, December 6, 2010

Remember when

I know all of you are expecting the continuation to the last one...all of your perverted minds wanting to know how Marc got to see my bum. I am sorry to say that it will not be happening in this blog. Instead I have typed up a letter I wrote to Marc during one Christmas he traveled and left me in Nigeria, for you all to see. This is in the hope that people would start sharing the love and just enjoy the holidays.

Remember when....

Remember got me roses even though it was not vals day. let me beat you at need for speed. held me when I felt down. made stupid jokes so that I would laugh. told me to shut the hell up when I was talking about getting surgery.

Remember when....I laughed so hard tears slipped down my face. came up behind me and kissed my neck 'cause you know I love it. smiled at me just before you kissed me
....and when you always stopped at kissing 'cause you know that I can't live with myself if I disobeyed God in that way
...and when you held my hands just to let other guys know that I am taken (don't think I didn't know that!)

Remember beat up those guys who were dissing me.( I know I said I thought it was uncivilized but I absolutely love you for it. held my tiny waist 'cause you know that I love the feel of your big hands against my tiny waist. got me into trouble by kissing me and then my dad walked in(Its hilarious though it wasn't in the least funny then.) behaved so well in the presence of my parents and became so naughty when away from their prying eyes. reassured me that my exams would be wonderful( remind me never to listen to you again!)

Remember when....we would watch TV late up in the night.
....when you ate eba in my house just because you didn't want to go home yet.'d smile at me over the dinner table, sharing our own private joke.
....when you'd let me cry on your shoulders and when I let you cry on mine( I thought that "what the hell? Guys are not meant to cry" but then I realized that it doesn't make you any less a man which is why I kissed you then.'d lift me in your arms and then carry me cause you know that that is what I want from you not your money.
...and finally I remember when you told me you liked me 'cause I liked you too.

This is for you to read during this Christmas. I want you to know that I will be thinking about you and all the great things you have done for me. I love you and miss ya!

So just go to facebook after you finish reading this and share this to your boyfriend or girlfriend that is at the other side of the atlantic or even one thats is at the other end of the phone. Tell them how much you miss him and love him because I'll be writing one too to Marc as I have developed the habit of sending him one of these during the holidays whether he is in Nigeria or not.