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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Social Network[MOVIE REVIEW]

Directed by: David Fincher
Jesse Eisenberg - Mark zuckerberg
Justin Timberlake - Sean Parker
Andrew Garfield - Eduardo Saverin
Joseph Mazzello - Dustin Mokovitz
Armie Hammer - The Winklevoss Twins
Max Minghela - Divya Narendra

The Social Network is a movie about the world's largest social networking site: Facebook. The movie starts at the inception of facebook and ends after the lawsuits from different parties.

The movie starts up in 2003 at Harvard. We see Mark Zuckerberg[Jesse] out with his girlfriend Erica Albright and he keeps going back at forth in his discussions.
He's talking about final clubs, then he's talking about IQs in China, then he's talking about Roosevelt, how his friend made $300,000 from meteorology and oil.Gosh he talks so much like dunni!!!!

So Mark starts up an argument about why Erica asked about the easiest final club to get into. He mistakenly disses her and she breaks up with him...Oops! Zuck gets back to his Kirkland House dormitory, goes up on his Livejournal blog 'Zuckonit' and he publishes a post about Erica.He was half drunk.He called her a bitch and told everyone her bra size.
Next he's going through the Kirkland house facebook, a directory of all the students staying at the kirland house. Then his friend billy Olson comes up with an idea to put the pictures next to farm animals and have people vote on who's hotter. So he goes on the networks of all the individual houses at harvard and downloads their pictures to his hard drive using scripts.As he downloads the pictures he updates his progress on his blog.

At 2:08am, Eduardo Saverin his friend walks and asks how he feels about his recent breakup[he read it on the blog]. Eduardo gives him the Algorithm so when any 2 girls are matched up, there's an expectation of who would win based on their current rating.Mark finishes the coding and calls it 'Facemash'. So they send it to a few friends, who send it to their friends and the whole thing goes viral. 22,000 page views in 2hours!The guys at the network center realise the harvard network is getting so much traffic and then the network crashes.

Mark Zuckerberg is then called infront of the Administration board for a breach in security and unlawful distribution of digitized images. He stands up and says he deserves some recognition from the board as regards to the breach in security. Zuck gets 6 months academic probation as a warning. He walks out of one of his classes and he meets Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss in the hallway. They introduce themselves and they tell him about themselves as they walk into the Porcelian House.
There he meets the third member of their 'Idea' Divya Narendra. They talk about his past projects, Facemash, Coursematch a website that lets users see who signed up for what courses at harvard and Synapse, an app for MP3 players that lets you listen to the music you like most. Microsoft offered to buy Synapse but zuckerberg didn't sell. Then they tell him about 'Harvard Connection' and they explain how it should work and the exclusivity behind it.They explain that if he works for them, they could help him rehabilitate his damaged image due to facemash.

The movie then goes back and forth between proceedings from a future law suit with Eduardo, his current progress and a lawsuit with the Winklevosses.Mark approaches Eduardo at a party at Alpha Epselon Pi, a jewish fraternity, and he talks to him about taking the 'college experience' online a place where you can find friends, browse through their pictures. He also explains that it's not a dating site. Mark asks for $1000 from Eduardo and tells him they'll split the ownership 70/30 and Eduardo will get to be the CFO. Then we see Mark putting down his thoughts and the desing for 'thefacebook' on white boards and Eduardo makes the second cut for the Phoenix.

At this point Mark and The Winklevoss/Narendra team exchange a couple of e-mails and IMs as Mark continually postpones a face-to-face meeting with them. Then on February 4, 2004, Mark's roommate Dustin Mokovits asks if he knows if a certain girl in Mark's Art/History class has a girlfriend. Mark says people don't just go around with a sign on them that says if they're single or not. He doesn't quite finish the sentence before he runs out of the Computer Science lab, to Kirkland where he adds a 'relationship status' to profile pages on 'thefacebook'.He also adds 'Eduardo Saverin' as the co-founder of thefacebook to the masthead.The site finally goes live and they send a link to every member of the phoenix.

Divya is sitting beside his girlfriend at a relatively small event where some guys are singing love songs 'cos its february. His girlfriend gets a link on her laptop, complains about it and opens it up, and Divya is pissed! The link is for He rushes out of the event and runs to meet the Winklevosses at their Crew training. The Winklevosses then call their dad's lawyer to get advice on what they should do to Mark. Thefacebook continues to go viral. After 2 weeks on the harvard campus, 'facebook me' became the common expression.

A few months later, Bill Gates gives a speech at harvard and Eduardo and Mark are in the audience. 2 girls introduce themselves to Eduardo, Christy Lee and Alice. Christy says 'facebook me' and asks if they can grab a drink later.
they get back to Kirkland and Eduardo says its time to monetize the site. Mark says no monetization yet because they don't know what the website could be. Eduardo goes 'so when will it be finished'Mark says 'It wont be finished, The way fashion is never finished'.Eduardo then stumbles upon a Cease-and-desistletter Mark got 10 days before from the Winklevosses. Mark tries to explain how the letter isn't really a big deal and that he had written them back.

The movie moves forward in time to the proceedings of the Winklevoss-Zuckerberg law suit and he disses the lawyer saying his mind is at the headquarters of facebook where him and his friends are trying to do something nobody in the room is intelectually capable of doing.Back in 2004, Eduardo and Mark go out with Christy[Brenda song] and Alice and according to the movie, they had sex. Yeah I still don't believe the Disney girl did that. while waiting outside for the girls, Mark spots Erica and asks her if he can talk to her alone. She says no and says that everything written on the internet is not in pencil, its in ink[which is totally true] and she says 'Goodluck with your video game'. He then tells Eduardo they need to expand.

Back at Kirkland, Mark brings Dustin Mokovits and Chris Hughes into the team. Dustin will help do some coding and Chris will be in charge of Outreach and Publicity. Mark also restates the splitting of their stake in the company. Eduardo gets 30%, Dustin 5%, Chris will get compensation depending on the amount of work he puts in and Mark's stake goes down to 65%.

The movie then switches back to the law suit and then for the first time we see Sean Parker.He's just waking up from a bed with a babe from Stanford. He explains to her that he's an entrepreneur she says 'unemployed' and he explains that he started Napster for free music and Napster was getting sued by practically everybody who had been to the grammys. He opens up her laptop to check his e-mail and thefacebook was opened on the computer. She says thefacebook is cool and really addictive.

We switch back to the Winklevosses who get audience with Larry Summers, the president of Harvard.Their father's counsel had setup the meeting. Cameron explains that they want Mark Zuckerberg punished for stealing their idea.Mr. Summers says students enter into a code of conduct with the university, not with each other. Larry Summers says 'Harvard Undergraduates believe that creating a job is better than getting a job'.then he goes on to say the meeting is wrong because they don't deserve any special treatment.

Then we're back at the lawsuit proceedings between Eduardo and Mark and he gets to the point where Mark and him go to New York to get advertisers and Mark was sleeping throughout the meetings. In New York they have a meeting with Sean Parker and Eduardo explains that Sean came across to them as a wildcard. At the meeting, Sean talks to them about his days at Napster and Plaxo and how he got kicked out of both of them. Sean says how Venture Capitalists were tracking his phone and following him around.

Sean says he brought down the record companies with napster to make the VCs suffer too.Eduardo says he didnt bring down the record companies because they won in court and Sean explains how they did bring down the record companies. Because no-one wants to buy CDs anymore. At this meeting Sean also talked about how important it was that Mark went down to California. They also talked about their strategy and how facebook didn't need ads at the moment because they don't know where facebook is going yet.

At the end of the meeting, Sean advises them to drop the 'the' and leave it at just 'facebook'. Back at the lawsuit proceedings, Eduardo is asked if he's ever done anything to embarass the company. He says no and the lawyer reminds him that he was accused of animan cruelty after he got into the Phoenix. After being accepted into the Phoenix, he had to carry around a chicken for a week. Dining hall was serving chicken for dinner and Eduardo gave the chicken a chicken. After that, Mark tells Eduardo that he had decided to move to California and he'll need more money to pay interns for the summer.

The next day Mark sets up an interview for interns at the Computer Science lab. To get the internsip, the students had to hack into a website and every 3 minutes they had to take a shot. Also Eduardo opened an account and put $18,000 into it.

In California everyone on the facebook team is having a great time in their pool-side house. Someone cuts a zipline on the chimney and the chimney breaks apart. The neighbours come to check what the problem is and guess who shows up? Sean Parker. Eduardo couldn't come over to California because he had an internship in New York and he was also looking for advertisers for facebook.

Meanwhile in Henley, England, The winklevosses and the Harvard team come second at a crew rowing event. They meet a Mr. Kenwright and he tells the twins that he just talked to his daughter and she already knew about the race because she had already seen it on her computer via a new website called facebook. His daughter is at Cambridge and facebook just opened to Oxford and the London School of Economics. Cameron finally agrees that they should sue him in a federal court.
Back in California, at facebook's headquarters, Eduardo gets back from New York and Mark was supposed to pick him up at the airport but he didn't. Mark shows explains to Eduardo that they've setup something called 'The Wall' and that Peter Theil wants to make an investment. Mark forgets that Eduardo had quit the internship on his first day and Eduardo says that Christy is crazy, insanely jealous and irrational. Eduardo also says he doesn't want Sean Parker as a part of the facebook team.

Eduardo then froze their accounts while Mark and Sean meet Peter Thiel and they talk about a restructuring and re-registration of facebook as a Delaware corporation. Back at harvard one night, Christy walks into Eduardo's room and asks why he didn't reach her as soon as he got back. She also asks why his relationship status is still 'single' on his facebook page. Eduardo explains that he doesn't know how to change his relationship status. He gives her a silk scarf he got her as a gift and she puts it on fire while he receives a call from Mark and Mark is pissed because Eduardo froze the account. Mark also tells him that Peter Thiel made an investment of $500,000 and they're getting a new office. Eduardo breaks up with Christy and heads back to California.

When Eduardo gets to california for the corporate restructuring, he's informed by the lawyers that his stake in facebook is up to 34% because it'll be diluted as facebook gets more shareholders. Mark also took his stake down from 60% to 31%. Dustin owns 6.81% and Sean Parker owns 6.47% and Peter Thiel 7%. After the new share agreement, Mark tells Eduardo that he has to come back when they get 1million members. Eduardo goes back for the millionth member party and he says it was like an ambush. He met with the lawyers and they gave him more contracts to sign. His stake in facebook had been dropped to 0.03% without any of the other original shareholders' stake being diluted. Eduardo calls mark a 'Pretentious Douchebag!' tells him he's coming back to sue him and then he walks out. Mark then tells Sean he didn't have to be that rough on him by diluting his shares.

At the millionth member party, Sean and some guys are caught with cocaine by the police. Mark tells Eduardo he has to leave because his acts damaged the company's reputation.

Sean Parker still owns 7% of the company. Mark settled the Winklevosses and Narendra with $65million. They came 6th at the olympics for the U.S rowing team. Eduardo got an undisclosed amount of money as settlement and his name has been returned to the facebook masthead as co-founder. Facebook has over 500 million members in 207 countries. It is valued at $25billionErica Albright at the end of the movie had not accepted Mark's facebook friend request. Mark Zuckerberg is the world's youngest billionaire.

'The Social Network' is based on 'Accidental Billionaires' by Ben Mezrich and a whole of what you see is fiction. They even say it at the end of the credits of the movie. Of course, you didn't wait to see that.

Favorite Quotes from the movie

Mark Zuckerberg and Lawyer after Ad-board meeting
Lawyer Babe: The site got twenty-two hundred hits within 2 hours?
Mark: Thousand
Babe: What?
Mark Twenty-two thousand
Babe: Wow!

Law suit proceedings
Zuckerberg to Winklevosses: If you guys were the inventors of facebook, you would have invented facebook.

Post bill-gates speech
Stewart: Excuse me, Mark, I'm Stewart singer i'm in your OS lab.
Mark: Sure
Stewart: Awesome job with thefacebook
Bob: I'm Bob
Mark: How are you doing?
Bob: I can swear he was looking at you when he said the next Bill Gates could be here right in this room.
Mark: I doubt it
Bob: I was a little bit late, I dont even know who the speaker was
Mark: It was Bill Gates
Bob: Shit that makes sense

Mark speaking to Eduardo at kirkland, post-billgates speach.

Mark: We dont even know what it is yet. We dont know what it is. We don't know what it can be. We don't know what it will be. We just know that it's cool. That is a priceless asset im not giving up.

Sean Parker and Stanford Babe

Babe:So what do you do?
Sean: I'm an entrepreneur
BAbe: You're unemployed
Sean: I wouldn't say that
Babe: What would you say?
Sean: I'm an entrepreneur
Babe: okay what was your latest preneur
SEan: I founded an internet company that lets folks download and share music for free
Babe: Kinda like Napster?
Sean: Exactly like Napster
Babe: What do you mean?
Sean: I founded Napster
Babe: Sean Parker founded Napster
Sean: Nice to meet you

Sean and Eduardo at the New York meeting
Sean: A million dollars isn't cool.
Sean: You know what's cool?
Sean: A billion dollars.

Eduardo to mark after diluting his shares

Eduardo: You better lawyer up asshole, 'cos i'm not coming back for 30%. I'm coming back for everything.

Sean parker before he got busted by the police
We lived on farms, we lived in cities and now, we're going to live on the internet!

Final Conclusions

This is the most inspiring movie I've seen this year! It's important to note that a whole lot of scenes from this movie are fictional. So before you quit facebook....