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Monday, January 24, 2011

Top 5 funniest videos from Nigerian Idol

The first season of Nigerian Idol has started. I watched the auditions on TV and some of them have made their way to YouTube. So here are the funniest Nigerian Idol audition videos according to me.

1. The guy whose family laughed but he still came on the show
This guy said his family laughed at him, but he still came on the show to sing a love song.

2. This guy is better than Darey Art alade.... for real he is! PSYCHE!

3. We Are the World. Someone just has to kill this song in every idol season! Seriously, Nigeria will solve the world's problems!

4. Correct igbo man! Everybody loves Chukwuemeka!

5. Another Igbo man! I love igbo people!

BONUS looking for the next big thing.

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