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Monday, February 28, 2011

Anti-Jonathan website launches

A few weeks ago I blogged about voting Goodluck Jonathan back into the presidency. Since then a lot of thins have happened, He called the South-West Governors rascals, People died in Portharcourt during his rally, He was walked out on in Kaduna and he said an Egyptian-like revolution wasn't possible in Nigeria. Are you really going to vote this man? something I stumbledupon while tweeting gives reasons why you shouldnt vote Goodluck Jonathan or the PDP in any election. The man running this website says Goodluck Jonathan is tactless, incompetent, A nepotist, A thicko, Clueless, Unpatriotic and Deceitful.

So check it out and leave your comments on the posts. 

Darey - Double Dare[LIVESTREAM]

This is the livestream of Darey's album lunch. Its titled 'DoubleDare' and it comes in 2 parts 'Heart' & 'Beat'. 
Watch live streaming video from darey at

You can buy Darey's Doubledare via amazon

Saturday, February 26, 2011

iPhone 5 surfaces with a larger screen[PICS]

Finally there's a picture that shows the iPhone 5 with a larger screen. This photo has resurfaced from a Chinese apple parts reseller. The screen is simlar to the iPhone4 except it extends a little higher, giving it a larger screen. This image has not been confirmed yet but this mockup by Piotrek shows what it would look like if iOs 4 was put on this screen.

It is also rumored that the iPhone 5 will feature a new integrated SIM card, an upgraded A4 processor. Also it will have a thinner bezel on all sides, in addition to its 4.3 or 4inch width.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Sowambe Awards for Social Media - Full Nominees List

The Sowambe Awards is a social media award show cofounded by Loy Okezie and Francis Oghuma in July last year. Sowambe is a website that will feature social media talents, news, early adopters, brands, trends and people using social media within Africa. Sowambe Awards would be recognizing the best social media adopters, talents and professionals as well as social media-based web platforms in Nigeria.
The Awards would have about 25 categories and will allow participants and the public to nominate and vote online for their favourites, based on a clear understanding and good judgment on activities in the social web.

The Sowambe Awards ceremony would gather people interested in lifestyle and trends in social media, web startups, technology & software developers, enterprises, investors, industry watchers, broadcasters, celebrities and students in order to celebrate social media excellence in Nigeria. Voting closes February 28th, 2011. I have to say its quite annoying that for every vote i have to enter my email address and then head back to my mailbox to verify. They should have just used poll daddy or something.

The full list:

Best Social Media Personality

1. Tayo Aderinokun (MD/CEO, GTBank)
2. Fela Durotoye (MD, Visible Impact)
3. Nmachi Jidenma (Founder, CP-Africa)
4. Egghead Odewale
5. Gbenga Sesan (ED, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria)

Best Social Media Celebrity

1. Banky W
2. D’banj
3. MI
4. Omotola (Omosexy)
5. Wande Coal

Best Social Media Politician

1. Babatunde Fashola
2. Nuhu Ribadu
3. Goodluck Jonathan
4. Dele Momodu
5. Donald Duke

Best Social Media Site

1. Twitter
2. Facebook
3. Youtube
4. LinkedIn
5. Bebo

Best Social Media Activist

1. Amara Nwakpa (LightupNigeria)
2. Gbenga Sesan (EnoughisEnough)
3. Chude Jideonwo (The Future Awards)
4. Egghead Odewale
5. Ohimai Amaize (B.L.I.N.G)

Best Social Media Thinker/Influencer

1. Yinka Olaito (The Branding Gavel)
2. Paulette Erijo (Letche/Beezbox)
3. Dayo Adefila (Insight Communications)
4. Abasiama Idaresit (Wild Fusions)
5. Adeola Kayode (Teleios Consulting)

Best Use of Twitter (Personal Brands)

1. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
2. Don Jazzy
3. Pastor WD Favour
4. Genevieve Nnaji
5. Eldee The Don

Best Use of Twitter (Corporate Brands)

1. GTBank
2. Arik Air
3. UBA Group
4. Etisalat Nigeria
5. Airtel Nigeria

Best Use of Facebook (Personal Brands)

1. Fela Durotoye
2. Wande Coal
3. Goodluck Jonathan
4. 9ice
5. Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Best Use of Facebook (Corporate Brands)

1. Always Nigeria
2. GTBank
3. Hennessy Nigeria
4. MTN Project Fame
5. Samsung Mobile

Best Use of YouTube (Corporate Brands)

1. UBA Group
2. GTBank
3. ABNDigital
4. Globacom Limited
5. Oceanic Bank

Best Social Media Newspaper

1. 234Next
2. Vanguard
3. BusinessDay
4. The Guardian
5. ThisDay

Best Social Media Jobs Site


Best Social Networking Site

1. Naijapals
2. Facebook

Best Social Media TV/Radio Station

1. The Beat 99.9 FM
2. Top Radio
3. Rhythm 93.7 FM
4. Channels TV
5. Soundcity

Best Micro/Blogging Platform

1. Gistcaster
2. Twitter
3. Jaiku
4. WordPress
5. Blogger (Blogspot)

Best Social Aggregation Tool

1. Afrigator
2. Flock
3. Riranwo
4. Tweetdeck
5. Sturvs

Best Ad Campaign on Facebook

1. The Experience 2010
2. Peak Talent Show
3. MTN Fastlink
4. Babatunde Fashola
5. Diamond Bank

Best Digital Media Agency

1. Seed Media
2. Wild Fusion
3. ByteSize Nigeria
4. Tregeo Creatives
5. Inove Media

Best Twitter Trend

1. #abaversion
2. #englishmadeinnigeria
3. #lightupnigeria
4. Wande Coal
5. Sanni Keita

To vote head to

Naija Boys are back! Black And Yellow Remix[VIDEO]

We haven't seen the Naija Boys in a while. They're famous for their Soulja Boy remix and their Single Ladies Remix. They're back with a remix of Wiz Khalifa's Black And Yellow. Trust me, this is hilarious!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

UberTwitter and Twitdroyd get suspended. What are the options?

Yesterday, twitter officially suspended Ubertwitter and twitdroyd for violating twitter's policies. Both apps are owned by Ubermedia, who recently acquired tweetdeck for $30million.
Twitter says The apps violated their Direct Messaging policies. Twitter also says they suspend hundreds of applications on a daily basis and those apps are generally used by a small number of users.

Mashable reached out to twitter for more information. Twitter also says:

“We ask all developers in the Twitter ecosystem to abide by a simple set of rules that are in the interests of our users, as well as the health and vitality of the platform as a whole.

We often take actions to enforce these rules; in fact, on an average day we turn off more than one hundred services that violate our API rules of the road. This keeps the ecosystem fair for everyone.

Today we suspended several applications, including UberTwitter, twidroyd and UberCurrent, which have violated Twitter policies and trademarks in a variety of ways. These violations include, but aren’t limited to, a privacy issue with private Direct Messages longer than 140 characters, trademark infringement, and changing the content of users’ Tweets in order to make money.

We’ve had conversations with UberMedia, the developer of these applications, about policy violations since April 2010, when they first launched under the name TweetUp – a term commonly used by Twitter users and a trademark violation. We continue to be in contact with UberMedia and hope that they will bring the suspended applications into compliance with our policies soon."

Ubertwitter has changed their name to Ubersocial following the suspension.Ubersocial is available for download  and is also available for iPhone, and desktop[on Beta].
So what are the options

I've scouted the web for Alternatives to UberTwitter and Twitdroyd and i've ignored the official twitter apps because they suck.

Ubertwitter Alternatives

TwitterBerry .



Seesmic for Blackberry

Snaptu for blackberry

Twitdroyd Alternatives

Seesmic for Android

Tweetdeck for Android


Source: Twitter support Mashable

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ice Prince ft. Brymo - Oleku[OFFICIAL VIDEO]

This is the official video for Ice Prince's Oleku. Remember we saw a leak a while back. Watch it and leave your comments below.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Music: Joules Da Kid - Speaking in Tongues Freeverse[FREE DOWNLOAD]

Joulesdakid started rapping in ss1. His First ever battle was on a talent show in school. Then he started performing at school shows and inter school competitions. He's an alumnus of Doregos Private Academy and in SS3 he became the social prefect.

He did his first couple of songs with ACE for the 09 prom performance (mo gbana felil feli and
others). He then graduated and went to Oxbridge, where he performed at the school carol in December 09 (and he killed it). Up Next was his performance at ECHO in december 2009 with HYM *performed song: OMOGE FINE* hit the studio again dropped *MY SWAGG AMD IMMA DO HER GOOD*.

While in oxbridge he recorded 2 songs with some other guys *you aready know and all eyes on me*. He is currently wworking on dropping his *ransom freestyle*, *i'm ill* and his new hit single that he hasnt decided a name for yet*. He's moving on to Nottingham University this september.

Before we forget, joulesdakid yea battled TIMIX at the masquerade ball and he's about to get on a track with, HYM, MIDNITE,THA DRILL, SWELE and whole lot more.

TWITTER: @joulesdakid

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Nigerian company, Encipher out with 'Inye' tablet[PICS AND SPECS]

The battle of the tablet market continues. As soon as the iPad was released we started seeing strong competition from Japan, India and now Nigeria. The Inye Tablet PC is a 7inch mobile tablet [yes, its mobile, your iPad isn't :P] running on Google's Android 2.1. So let's take a look at the specifications:

Facebook Rolls Out new Photos Interface

Many facebook users are beginning to see facebook's all new design for viewing photos. The new interface has larger images and a small popup kinda box that opens up on the page you're viewing.

Facebook started rolling out this interface sometime in September last year, now facebook has confirmed that they have begun rolling out to all users on Saturday. The main thing about the new phots interface is that users will be able to go through photos in the lightbox layer without disrupting the underlying page. The new Photos also includes High-resolution photos, photo download links and bulk tagging. I haven't gotten the new interface yet but as soon as I get it, i'll get some screenshots up. For now, i've got this picture from Mashable

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy S II Leaked Specs and PICS

Earlier this week, Updates to the Samsung Galaxy tab and Samsung Galaxy S got leaked on line. The Galaxy S II will come with a 1GHZ dual core processor, 4.27 inch screen, 8.49mm thickness, WiFi and HSPA, Bluetooth 3.0, 116g in weight. The Galaxy S II will also come with a Readers Hub, Social Hub, Games hub, Music Hub, 8 megapixel camera with HD recording, HD link allowing users watch HD content on TV and storage of 16GB or 32GB.

The Galaxy TAb 10.1 on the other hand wil come with a 10.1 inch display, 1280X800 screen resolution, Android Honeycomb OS, 8 megapixel camera, full HD video recording and playback.


Source: Mashable, Samsung Hub

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tomorrow is Desperation Day

Tomorrow is February 13th a.k.a Desperation Day. What is Desperation Day? Glad you asked! You see over the years, February 14th as been celebrated as Valentine's Day and the day before 'Desperation Day'. Why Desperation? Glad you asked again!

You see from the beginning of February, guys begin to look for girls to val and girls look for who to 'val' them. Many of these valers(he that asks) and valees(she that gets the stuff) go without asking or being asked but the valers dont have problems. And then on February the 13th, the valees wake up! Realising they are going to roast, they hurry to the salon to get their hair and face fixed just so potential valers realise and 'val' them. Its February 7th as I write this and about 50% of the female population have changed their hairstyles. Yeah! And you thought only boys were not smiling.

Anyways these valees go to work/school/shop/whatever hoping somebody they like notices and vals them. Most times it doesn't happen! And then the real desperation sets in. They cut their skirt short or wear really tight leggings and suck belle so the shirt go fine and they'll go out with almost any guy. Even if he has one eye and one leg and he will surely take them to Mr. Biggs! Desperation day for valers is by far the best day to ask a valee to be valed. Why? You need to pay attention and read the above! So if you're gonna ask someone out this season, tomorrow is the day(hopefully, you wont be late)

*Shoutsout to the awesomest Bro in the world, Barney Stinsson for calling our attention to desperation day*

Friday, February 11, 2011

For a forlorn sinner...

...I know unconditional love.

I was listening to a song, when I heard the line "if God had an iPod, I'll be on His playlist."
This got me thinking, and my thoughts were based on my lifestyle. I realised that if God did have an iPod, I WILL be on His playlist. Why?
For every time I speak to Him, He listens attentively and He works on my requests. I don't have to see that He has done it, I just have to feel progress and know that the Lord, my God has done it.

Know your God
Appreciate your God
Because one day, some day, some time in the future, you'd wish you appreciated Him and the fact he has you on His playlist.

How big must God's iPod be? We are a large population. Many of us believe in Him and talk to Him. So how big?

Embrace your faith.
Embrace unconditional love when you see it.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Naeto C - Ten Over Ten [VIDEO]

The first single off Naeto C's 'Super C Season' album has got its video.  Watch it, share with your friends and tell us what you think in the comments section below. 

D'banj ft. Snoop Dogg - Mr. Endowed Remix[VIDEO]

Video for the remix of Mr.Endowed ft. Snoop Dogg. The video was shot on location in Los Angeles and directed by Sean Cameos. The video feature Don Jazzy, Wande Coal, K-Switch and Chris Aire. I love the Baba Aja part! LOL! Oh and remember the Koko Mobile phones we talked about last year? They show up in this video!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Microsoft and Google buy and

About a few weeks ago Google acquired and Microsoft also acquired the domain .ng is Nigeria's top level domain and is run by NIRA, the country's official TLD registrar. Earlier in January, Thisday newspapers acquired for N6million. NIRA has since stated that domains for companies with identified trademarks will cost N3million. We're not sure what Google and Microsoft will do with the domains acquired.

We expect that more companies will acquire domains this year.

Source: Loyokezie

Friday, February 4, 2011

Lynxxx ft. Banky W - Alabukun [VIDEO]

This is the video for Lynxxx's Alabukun featuring Banky W. Alabukun is lynxx's second video, the first being 'Change your parade'. Alabukun was directed by Tom Robson. Enjoy and leave us a comment.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Music: Contradiction - Sorry Song and Superstar remix

Miss CON.tra.diction teams up with the Rooftop MCs for her new single, ''Sorry Song'' a song about falling down and getting right back up!
FUN FACT: In the video for ''Dead Presidents'' by Plumbline, CON.tra.diction performs SORRY SONG as the video opens.

HEr second single is a remix of an earlier release.
Skales raps on ''Superstar'' to bring the message home!

Superstar Remix ft. Skales DOWNLOAD LINK

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Sorry Song ft. Rooftop MCs DOWNLOAD LINK

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We're not that obsessed with social networking afterall[INFOGRAPHIC]

According to 'Social Mythbusting', a report by e-mail marketing provider ExactTarget  In the last few weeks we've seen many people asking for reduction in the use of social network services like Facebook and Twitter because they don't favour face-to-face interaction. Basically, they said we're obsessed.

The study was conducted in 2 phases:
1. A series of groups containing 44 people that were cenetred around the reasons consumers engage with companies via e-mail, facebook and twitter and
2. A survey taking by 1506 U.S citizens[aged 15 and older] that played off themes addressed during the focus groups.

The survey found out that among those who are using facebook increasingly 27% of them said they have more face-to-face meetings with their friends and 60% of them said their meetings with their friends have stayed the same. Also for people using facebook more, 19% of them said they call their friends on the phone more, 63% said their calls have remained the same, while 19% said they made less calls. Here's the infographic: 

Among those who use twitter increasingly, 46% of them said they have more face-to-face meetings with their friends and 7% said they have less meetings with their friends in person. Also 33% of the respondents said they call their friends more, while 55% of them have their calls remain the same and 13% made less calls.

I guess, we're not that obsessed afterall and if we are the obsession is leading to more face-to-face interactions than we think. So show your parents this when they complain you spend too much time on twitter!

Source: Mashable

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are we going to vote the PDP for presidency again?

Since I'm unable to vote, I've been talking to a lot of adults in the past few weeks about the elections. Many of them say for Lagos, it's Ac and for the presidency its
Goodluck Jonathan. And I have to ask are we really going to toll this line again.

We voted Obasanjo in 1999, kept him till 2007 and we have nothing to show for it. We voted Yar'Adua in 2007, they hid him from us till he died and we're back to '99 again.

Are we going to vote Goodluck Jonathan who we all know doesn't  even want to run[wikileaks link] based on the fact that he was a University Lecturer? We  really have to get this lecturers are really smart leaders out of our heads anyway? I know really dumb people that are professors!

Maybe one man in the person of Goodluck Jonathan is gonna change the entire party. I really doubt that. The delegates who chose Goodluck Jonathan know that he's going to listen to them and kiss their ass! My point is we all know the PDP is made up of all the people that have destroyed our nation in the past decade [People Destroying People]. Do you think one man is going to change this group of people who put him in the place? All the ministers are going to be PDP, all the Special Advisers, official aides, e.t.c. All our problems start with P: Power, the Police and the PDP.

Before you vote please think really deeply. Are you tired of the current Nigeria and do you want a change? Then vote for the opposition!

Insanity is when we do the same thing over and over again and expect different results - Albert Einstein