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Friday, February 11, 2011

For a forlorn sinner...

...I know unconditional love.

I was listening to a song, when I heard the line "if God had an iPod, I'll be on His playlist."
This got me thinking, and my thoughts were based on my lifestyle. I realised that if God did have an iPod, I WILL be on His playlist. Why?
For every time I speak to Him, He listens attentively and He works on my requests. I don't have to see that He has done it, I just have to feel progress and know that the Lord, my God has done it.

Know your God
Appreciate your God
Because one day, some day, some time in the future, you'd wish you appreciated Him and the fact he has you on His playlist.

How big must God's iPod be? We are a large population. Many of us believe in Him and talk to Him. So how big?

Embrace your faith.
Embrace unconditional love when you see it.

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