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Monday, February 14, 2011

Nigerian company, Encipher out with 'Inye' tablet[PICS AND SPECS]

The battle of the tablet market continues. As soon as the iPad was released we started seeing strong competition from Japan, India and now Nigeria. The Inye Tablet PC is a 7inch mobile tablet [yes, its mobile, your iPad isn't :P] running on Google's Android 2.1. So let's take a look at the specifications:

The Inye Tablet is packed with a Telechips Processor Tcc8902 ARM11: 800Mhz, Multi-touch support, 4GB hard drive[expandable with an expansion slot of up to 8GB], 256MB RAM and WiFi [b & g networks]. Its also got lots of input and output ports - 1 Microphone, 1 HDMI output port, 1 35mm jack, 1 USB host 1.1(Micro-USB), 1 Highspeed USB port. Inye can play a wide variety of media file types: Audio: MP3,WMA,MP2,OGG,AAC,M4A,MA4,FLAC,APE,3GP,WAV


Battery life is 6-8hrs, the battery lasts 4 hrs when being used under Wifi and 3G networks. All INYE tablets come with a leather pouch.

[UPDATED]: The Tablet comes at a cost of N55,000.

Encipher hopes to use this tablet to push its cloud based back-up services. INYE is currently available at the Silverbird store in Abuja and on order for Lagos residents. You can get more about this product at the encipher website.