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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tomorrow is Desperation Day

Tomorrow is February 13th a.k.a Desperation Day. What is Desperation Day? Glad you asked! You see over the years, February 14th as been celebrated as Valentine's Day and the day before 'Desperation Day'. Why Desperation? Glad you asked again!

You see from the beginning of February, guys begin to look for girls to val and girls look for who to 'val' them. Many of these valers(he that asks) and valees(she that gets the stuff) go without asking or being asked but the valers dont have problems. And then on February the 13th, the valees wake up! Realising they are going to roast, they hurry to the salon to get their hair and face fixed just so potential valers realise and 'val' them. Its February 7th as I write this and about 50% of the female population have changed their hairstyles. Yeah! And you thought only boys were not smiling.

Anyways these valees go to work/school/shop/whatever hoping somebody they like notices and vals them. Most times it doesn't happen! And then the real desperation sets in. They cut their skirt short or wear really tight leggings and suck belle so the shirt go fine and they'll go out with almost any guy. Even if he has one eye and one leg and he will surely take them to Mr. Biggs! Desperation day for valers is by far the best day to ask a valee to be valed. Why? You need to pay attention and read the above! So if you're gonna ask someone out this season, tomorrow is the day(hopefully, you wont be late)

*Shoutsout to the awesomest Bro in the world, Barney Stinsson for calling our attention to desperation day*