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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We're not that obsessed with social networking afterall[INFOGRAPHIC]

According to 'Social Mythbusting', a report by e-mail marketing provider ExactTarget  In the last few weeks we've seen many people asking for reduction in the use of social network services like Facebook and Twitter because they don't favour face-to-face interaction. Basically, they said we're obsessed.

The study was conducted in 2 phases:
1. A series of groups containing 44 people that were cenetred around the reasons consumers engage with companies via e-mail, facebook and twitter and
2. A survey taking by 1506 U.S citizens[aged 15 and older] that played off themes addressed during the focus groups.

The survey found out that among those who are using facebook increasingly 27% of them said they have more face-to-face meetings with their friends and 60% of them said their meetings with their friends have stayed the same. Also for people using facebook more, 19% of them said they call their friends on the phone more, 63% said their calls have remained the same, while 19% said they made less calls. Here's the infographic: 

Among those who use twitter increasingly, 46% of them said they have more face-to-face meetings with their friends and 7% said they have less meetings with their friends in person. Also 33% of the respondents said they call their friends more, while 55% of them have their calls remain the same and 13% made less calls.

I guess, we're not that obsessed afterall and if we are the obsession is leading to more face-to-face interactions than we think. So show your parents this when they complain you spend too much time on twitter!

Source: Mashable