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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Google might launch new social network 'Circles' Today [UPDATED]

Reports are beginning to circulate that Google might preview a new social network called 'Circles' at an event at SXSW today. It is believed that the service will offer photo, video and status updates. Anything shared on circles will only be shared with the appropriate 'circle' of contacts in users' lives.

The circles service has been developed by Chris Messina[co-creator of BarCamp], Jonathan Sposato[CEO Piknik, and founder PhatBits now Google Gadgets]. It's very interesting to know that Google hasn't given up on the Social Network scene despite criticisms from the Blogosphere. We'll keep you up-to-date as more details are revealed.

UPDATE: In this tweet,Tim O'reilly says he's seen google circles and its awesome. Also google is using the term, 'social circle' showing the connections google uses in its social search results.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Google has tweeted that they will not be launching any product at SXSW. Chris Messina also told Liz Gannes that he didn't know what the story was about. Tim O'Reilly later contacted NetworkEfffect by e-mail and said

“It’s not a product, per se, and it’s not a new social network. Just some research-y thinking about how you could better manage social data. Exactly what Chris said. I got fooled by the RWW story into thinking that they’d turned it into something they were going to announce. There’s no story here. Just some labs stuff.”

Facebook and Twitter can keep their mind at ease.

Source: ReadWriteWeb