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Friday, March 25, 2011

Of A Withering Psyche.

Alas, I know not my strength forthwith.

Why, I ask. What changed, I want to know.

There was a time I wept about it all.

Lord, I knew not the value of tears

And to waste, I put them.

Nonetheless, I grew past it.

Something hardened me. Be it the thin line between growing up and understanding life in depth, I know not.

Yet, I found a balance and with it, my strength escalated.

To my discovery, tears did nothing. Although you find comfort for that moment in time, the damage remains, or the event is irreparable. And so, your tears are in vain, somewhat.

Philosophising fast becomes a habit. It's very much like one's conscience chases them down a path they can't apprehend. An obscure path.

My vision fails me. And it hurts every part of my body. It sickens me mentally, and in no time, it will affect me spiritually.

Thoughts of the end time fill my head.

And I wonder, of what nature is my voyage? Wherefore dost thou lead me?

As I rest my head to sleep,

I prithee Lord, awaken me.

For my withering soul,

Dost seek impunity.

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