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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twitter is not about follow backs. Dammit!

I'm back to ranting about social networking attitudes again. It's been a long while. First of all i'll start by saying Twitter is not facebook, twitter is not supposed to be like facebook and twitter will never be like facebook.

The point of facebook is to add your friends check their profiles, comment on their pictures, videos, notes, e.t.c. What makes twitter essentially different from facebook[Aside, the 140 character limit], is the follow option. Everyone has the option to follow whoever the hell they want without the person having to reciprocate the follow. Its unique, its twitter.

So please don't kill the network for us. Don't ask me for follow backs. Don't ask anyone for follow backs if you don't know them in person.

And what happens when you get to like 100,000 followers are you going to take time to read every tweet? And this is when you say but DonJazzy and Dbanj follow back na. Yes they do, but do they actually read your tweets? Plus its on auto anyway, so it's not like DonJazzy actually sees 'xXXXX is now following you on twitter' and then he follows back.

And for all those people claiming #teamfollowback please stop that BS. Nobody cares if you follow anybody back, because that is not why we are here.

Does the number of followers even matter? Its all about influence anyway. I know someone who used one of them follow back software and shes's got more than 10,000 but i've got more klout than her. Klout is a measure of social media influence. So instead of asking for more followers, why don't you try your best to influence the ones you already have.

Pls watch this video by my friend kidluucomedian . He's making some sense. 'When you follow people, its not necessarily about them, it's about their ideas'. So if you're gonna ask for a follow back, please give me a reason to do so. If you like this post, you'll love UPNEPA on twitter.