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Monday, March 21, 2011

Why Fridays Rock and Mondays Suck: It's in the mind!

Your classic Friday night. After all your TGIF facebook updates, tweets and retweets, you're finally going to have a night out with your friends. Of course you deserve it. I mean you worked your ass off Monday through Friday.

So it's Friday night and you're having the best night of your life[funny, how every friday is the best night. isn't it?]. And you're having so much fun, so much fun that you've gone way past the night and into the A.M. So it's saturday morning and you're not even at your house, you're wasted and you still have Saturday stuff to do. And in the twinkle of an eye you're sitting in Church Service on Sunday morning a few small meetings ever and its Monday again.

Monday. Even Garfield hates Monday. Monday is the most sucking day of the week. It's the day you get to work late, it's the day it rains and the danfo splashes water on you, it's the day your boss gets pissed off, it's the day you have tests in school, it's the day you have the 1hr assembly at school. Let's face the truth: MONDAYS SUCK!

Why do Mondays suck and Fridays Rock?

Over the years we've built this TGIF thing in our minds. Majority of us work at jobs we don't like anyway so we can't wait till we get a break from them. Others just hate school. I mean what's the point of spending 20 years and loads of money in schools?[another discussion for another day]. Monday is the day you leave your house without your pen, Monday is the day you forget your phone, Monday is the day your driver calls in sick, Monday is the day your generator goes down[happened this week], Monday is the day your friend falls sick, Monday is the day your friend got dumped, Monday is the day YOU got dumped, Monday is the day you hate waking into.

It's in the mind dammit! I had horrible Mondays. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. My first period in the week was Math. I mean MATHEMATICS - Who does that? I remember the Monday I walked 5km to cover a 100m journey and some okada guy just splashed water on me. I HATED MONDAYS until I discovered positivity.

It was really simple. I told myself repeatedly 'TODAY IS GOING TO BE AWESOME' and I believed it. At first it didn't work but over time it did. I don't think I've had a bad Monday in the last 6 months.

Society has messed the entire idea of Mondays up. There's no 'hey! let's take everyone in the office out for food on Mondays', There are no 'Thank God It's Monday' shows, There are no Monday Concerts, or Monday specials on TV. I mean except for soccer matches, and S.H.a.r.e movies. Fast forward unto Fridays and there's a whole lot of Comedy shows, concerts, dinners e.t.c.

So What if we create special Mondays. Like 2 hours from work Mondays or Ice Cream for everyone mondays or Come late to work Mondays or something that really takes the stress out of regular Mondays as we know it. Maybe productivity will increase, maybe we'll see more TGIM tweets, maybe people will start looking Forward to the beginning of the week. Maybe, Just Maybe.

*So think about it and drop some comments in the box below. Don't forget to share with your friends, so they can leave comments too*