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Friday, April 1, 2011

Amazon Launches 'Cloud Drive' for online Music Storage/Streaming

Cloud Drive is the name of Amazon's new product for media storage in the Cloud. Basically Amazon gives you 5GB of free storage to upload and access your media from any computer. The player is available on the web for computers and for Android based devices.

Amazon lets you upload other files apart form MP3s. So you can upload your documents like on other file hosting services. You don't have to worry about songs you buy from the Amazon MP3 Store automatically in Cloud Drive and they dont take part of your storage space.

To extend your storage to 20GB for one year, all you have to do is buy an album from the MP3 Store. If you need more space, Amazon offers paid storage plans up to 1TB.

Amazon has become the first of the big companies to offer a full cloud based music player.There are rumors that Apple and Google have a similar concept coming up soon.

Source: TechCrunch, Amazon