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Friday, April 15, 2011

#DeprivedNaijaChildhood: Remembering our Childhood on twitter

Exactly a day after someone tweeted 'I just got a follower from Nigeria, WTF do you use twitter for?' and he was dissed from like 7pm to 12am, we trended. I think it's absolutely cool that as much as we're all human and we're all different and we're in different parts of the world now, we share common experiences. I saw a lot of guys in the US and Canada that kept tweeting their experiences and I'm like aren't you supposed to be in a class or something[Me, I was up till 01.30 oh].

I had no idea I could remember that much of my childhood. If you decided to sleep early yesterday, you made a wrong decision and became a 'blitz'. As per you missed out on a lot. Basically you're supposed to tweet something you know many people did in their childhood as Nigerians and then say If you didn't do that, you had a Deprived Nigerian Childhood.
As twitter has continued to grow to become this huge website a lot of us can't do without, it is changing the way we communicate and bringing communities closer[as far as I know, there was no twitter fight last night]. I was very proud to be a Nigerian yesterday night

I'll share my favorite tweets from the trending topic[hell yeah, we made it to number 1!]

I tweeted:

"If you never sang 'Arise O Compa... tambolo dey bite me'" and @DejiOB tweeted me this morning that it became a top tweet. WOW!

#Deprivednaijachildhood if you never heard the story of that boy who picked 5 naira and turn into a tuber of yam

#DeprivedNaijaChildhood If u neva sang SOME HAV FOOD BUT CANNOT EAT, SME CAN EAT BUT HAVE NO FOOD.... Looooool.. OMG!

Parents never forced you to drink agbo? #deprivednaijachildhood

#deprivednaijachildhood if you never used newspaper or calender to wrap your books

You can click #deprivednaijachildhoold for more

How did it start?
Earlier in the evening, I saw @bubusn using '#DeprivedNaijaChildhoold' and I laughed a lot but it didnt seem to catch on until like 8 or 9 and then bam! Straight up to Number 2 on the Worldwide trending topics. So a very very big shoutout to @bubusn[he's one of the guys running the Lightupnigeria movement]and my good friend @fallering for all the laughs and the Ikoyi Club memories and shoutsout to my sunnyfields people too [@mrfabulash , @Naya_O , @moyossie @Chiibyy ].