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Friday, April 15, 2011

HOW TO: Follow the 2011 Elections Online

I sincerely apologise for not posting this last week. This is a list of ways you can follow the 2011 Elections and get information online. Since there's a restriction of movement on saturday, there's really no other way to get up to the minute infomation about the elections than the internet. So please charge your phone batteries tonight, buy fuel if you have to and don't forget to buy credit oh.

On Twitter

Like I continue to say, twitter is a growing platform. If you want to stay ahead of traditional media[and your daddy], this is the place to be.

Follow @inecnigeria

INEC's official twitter account. They tweet updates about election times, election postponements, election requirements etc. Also If there's a problem at your Polling Unit, you can mention @inecnigeria and they'll try to get across to you as soon as they can

Follow @NigeriaNewsDesk

Run by @ged , Nigeria News Desk is one of the fastest ways to get election updates via twitter, they've got reporters all over the country and they constantly update you on the situation around the country and election results too

Follow @234next

Run by NEXT newspaper, @234next has a whole lot of correspondents on the ground in different states, they also tweet situation reports

Follow the hashtag #NigeriaDecides

The official hashtag for the elecions, #NigeriaDecides is the way to find out what other people are doing in their respective states. It is also a way to find out trouble spots to avoid and people's opinions on the election

Follow @mobilepunch

Run by The Punch newspapers, @mobilepunch finally started tweeting again as we approached the elections

Use Revoda

Revoda is a mobile app[run by Enough is Enough Nigeria] that works as an alerting tool for the elections. Basically there's a map of all the polling units in the country and reports are shared from those polling units using the app or by SMS

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