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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Morals? Oh, I don't know.

I was having a rather funny conversation with classmates in a Literature lesson earlier today. When I say funny, I don't mean comical. Yes, we did have some laughs but I'm referring to the subject of the conversation. Ever since I was old enough to decide the truths in my heart, the things that were "right" by me, I decided that one's sexuality was - well, as they say "it is what it is". If ever I was asked about my take on the issue, my response will most certainly be "it is what it is". Personally, I don't see the need for the use of terms such as "bi-sexual" or "bi-curious"... bi-curious - quite ridiculous if you ask me. However, I do understand the concept behind such expression. The all familiar idea that someone is actually attracted to the opposite sex but if faced with a member of the same sex, something is likely to go down. Or the idea that a person who usually "gets with" the opposite sex considers what it is to taste life in the homosexual world. Well well well... Like I said, I do understand it. Anyway, that is not the point of this.

If there's one thing I love about engaging in conversation, it is the amount of things you can learn about an issue or a person. Negative, positive, intelligent, uninformed, atrocious, you name it. I like to believe there is a lesson in every experience - yes, a conversation is an experience. I cannot quite explain what I mean at the moment, but I do hope I am able to soon. Even the silliest of things have a lesson. You basically learn that a foolish thing is...well, foolish. Ha, I wish I made sense sometimes. I do digress again, pardon me.

It's quite a normality to lose focus in a class and divert the nature of the conversation to something far off the initial discussion matter. That was exactly what happened. From talking about the ways in which writers end their narratives in three different Literary texts to sexual activities to sexual engagement with the same sex, particularly females. One of the three involved in this conversation is either homosexual or bisexual and so I had to construct my statements carefully. I do not need to go into depth with the exact things that were shared but all three girls were comfortable with the idea of "girl-on-girl" action. Two of us decided that "yeah, we like boys but you know, if put in the presence of a beautiful woman, anything can happen"... then she said it. She said that it means we are using the girls and that is immoral. It got me thinking and I thought in the light of heterosexuality. The idea of "fuck buddies" and "booty calls"... is it actually immoral? Oh, I do not know about morals.

I've come to realise that morality is a matter that is closely tied to opinions and not facts. It is a thing of a subjective nature. What is right in my mind is wrong in your mind and that is the way it should stay. I always thought that "truth" was not "truth". Rather what one believes to be right (sometimes with evidence from personal experiences) is right and nothing anyone says can change that. Except of course the law finds your "right" a punishable offence. But you can call yourself a member of the Mafia - the law is whatever works for you, whatever you want it to be and not what they say it is.

Anyway, in my head I didn't agree with my dear friend that it was immoral. That is quite a term of inestimable strength and you can't use such to describe a somewhat petty act that might be seen by some people as normal, you know, regular. I do understand that it is unfair to use people for your personal pleasure knowing fully well that someone might get hurt sooner or later and so I agreed with her to an extent that yes, it was 'wrong'. But not so much immoral.

People use people to get to the top, people use people for their personal gain, people use people as a means of survival. Oh, using people is quite common in the world today. But is it "right"? Is it also "wrong"? 
I know what I feel about using people - sometimes, you have to do what you have to do to get what you want. However, you must "begin with the end in mind".. well, the actual meaning of that saying isn't quite the point here but it does symbolise it to some extent. What I mean is that if you're going to set out to do something, you have to carry out your research and be assured that whatever it is you're doing, the end of the road will mean the end. You can't do things that you'd regret later when it comes to paying for it. My father does say "pay now so that you don't pay later" because paying later is...daunting, stressful, and all sorts of horror. You're basically carrying out a murder with expertise. Yes, murder. Ha, kill a person and hide all links to you. Well, nothing is hidden under the Sun (apparently) but for the mean time, stay out of trouble. It's closely related to the idea of integrity. 

So I want to know what/how you feel about the act of taking advantage of people for reasons best known to you - sometimes these reasons are solely based on the greedy nature of man. Is it an issue of morality? Or is it just one of those things.