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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nigeria is 5th Largest User of Opera Mini worldwide

Opera has released its 'State of the Mobile Web 2011'. Its a combination of statistics from users of Opera Mini worldwide. Opera Mini is the most used browser on mobile devices worldwide. Nigeria rose to the 5th country on the list of countries using opera mini. In March 2009, Nigeria got into the top 10 countries and in September 2010, Nigeria ranked 9th in the world and evens surpassed the United States in Opera Mini usage.

Here are the Statistics:

  • Page-view growth since March 2010: 87.8 %

  • >Unique-user growth since March 2010: 143.5 %

  • Data transfer growth since March 2010: 80.8 %

  • Page views per user: 355

  • Data transferred per user (MB): 5

  • Data transferred per page view (KB): 14

  • Top 10 sites in Nigeria (unique users) (6) (5)

    Top handsets for March 2011[You'll notice Nokia is still in control of the mobile phone market]

    Nokia 2700c
    Nokia 5130 XpressMusic
    Nokia 3110c
    Nokia 2690
    Nokia 2330c
    Nokia N72
    Nokia C3
    Nokia 2600c
    Nokia C1
    Nokia 6300

    Vanguard nigeria is the only nigerian site in the top 10 as facebook, google and yahoo retain top positions. We love our soccer too, takes 6th position.

    What do you think about these statistics? Will Nigerians continue to use Opera Mini in the long run as other mobile platforms grow?

    Source: Techloy, Opera