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Friday, April 29, 2011

Twitter launches Trending Topics for Nigeria and Lagos

In the previous months this year, we've broken into the Trending Topics on twitter a whole lot of times. Most of the trending topics have been due to the elections and others have been for fun. Twitter has realised that there's a large volume of tweets coming from Nigeria and they've added a way for us to view top trends in Nigeria as a whole and Lagos as a city.

Twitter has also added local trends for 70 other locations according to their blog post. We're hoping twitter will add more cities in Nigeria as more people in other states sign up. An australian company, Trendsmap has been feeding us with trending topics in Lagos including real time analytics, trending videos, links and popular people in Lagos.

To view the trending topics in Nigeria, Click change on the 'Trends' section of the twitter home page and select Nigeria. You can also select Lagos under Nigeria.

What do you think about this? What does this say about us making our mark on the web?