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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dos and Don'ts for the Human Race.

The ongoing issue of domestic violence is one that undoubtedly requires subtlety when being dealt with. I sometimes think that it is one of the most popular offences that go unreported and then you hear the common excuses, that if they were human, would so wish that the life support technology be turned off much sooner than later.

"I love him", "I'm scared", "I have my masculine reputation to hold up", and blah blah.

It's so easy to say you hate someone after they hurt you. Oh, how I wish it were so easy to walk away from such unflinching terror. I've come to realise that no matter how much something hurts and causes you pain, sometimes you just can't walk away from it because there are ties that can't be broken. There are series that originate from a central source. All these worldly things that the average man needs to survive. Yes, they exist.

And yes, I know that there is the option of "starting again", but can you really?
The one question that bugs me and births more uncertainties in my mind. Can you possibly walk away from that which shaped you? Can you possibly leave behind the life you have lived and the life ahead of you? For this one, I don't think so. But you know what they say about a story for another day? Yes.

I have a tendency to believe in the possibility of life's impossibilities but even I know that sometimes, just sometimes, life doesn't work out the, dare I say, normal way. Or better put, the expected way.

Domestic violence is something that one would expect to occur in relationships and families, you know, between couples. But children suffer too. Children suffer physically, emotionally and mentally and this is not acceptable. Already, we are aware that the concept of childhood is a construction of society. But I think a large number of people will agree with me when I say that childhood is that period of innocence, the moment in time when a young soul deserves happiness, that moment when a child would go wrong but you have to correct them and teach them with love. Because charity begins at home and a child that has been raised with/in love will show love. It's as simple as that.

So why should a person who has experienced the darkness of the world, why, oh why should such a person take out the anger felt on a child? Why should someone violate the happiness of a child with violence, with the look of the devil, with a gaze that holds so much dark hatred? Why? What child deserves such treatment?

Childhood is that moment when an adult teaches a child, when an adult is disappointed in the inadequacy of a child but still treats that child with such a love that whenever that child is an adult about to release frustration, they remember when they were in similar situations but the adult treated them with love.

See, children can't walk away from people that treat them with torture in their homes because they need that guidance and the security and stability of a family so they can survive in a tough, cold world. The last thing a child needs is belief in hatred. A child should not believe that once someone hurts you, you hate them. Because this is the problem with the world today. We have become so engrossed in the troubles, caused by assimilation of more troubles and so on, that we forget to smile and show someone that we care (even if it's half-hearted), show someone that there is still love out there, show someone that someone out there knows that it's hard, but everything is going to be okay. We forget the fundamental greatness of life and this is the problem in society. A lack of the fundamental ingredients of happiness that don't cost a fortune will some day, somehow lead to tragedy. Oh, fie!

There is a Christian teaching that...actually, there are a number of Christian enlightenment that reflect this. Such as loving our enemies, turning the other cheek, remembering that they are our brothers before we impose the weight of our anger on them, etc. These teachings mean something to all communities, Christian or not. These are the little things we should do to be called "good" people. The little things we should do for the benefit of the greater number.

Did someone say "easier said than done"? Oh, how I beg to differ. There are certain things that are easier said than done but when it is a case of something as simple as smiling and treating people with love, oh dear, it is easier done than said. Believe me when I say that sending this message was easier to decide, but to say it in a way that everybody will understand takes thorough consideration.

Being a child who has some and lacks some opened my eyes to the problems with the world today and I thought, "what better way to start a small change than to share my thought-provoking views with the masses?"

Here, I plead with you, both adults and children, to do the small things that contribute to a bigger and more visible change in the world.
Say no to domestic violence.
Don't hurt that child.
Don't hurt that woman.
Don't hurt that man.
Don't do it if you won't pay the price for it.
Just don't.
Make a small change today for a bigger reward tomorrow.