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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pliris1: The first Made for Nigeria Android Phone

Nigeria's first  Android tablet 'INYE' launched last year. Pliris1 by Nimbleturf is the first Android Phone made for the Nigerian market. It runs on Android 2.2[Froyo], 512MB of RAM and is equipped with a 3.2  inch touchscreen and a 3.2MP Camera. It comes with an 8GB Card, Expandable to 32GB and supports 2 SIM cards, the battery lasts for 8 hours[ships with an extra battery], dual charging Ports[Nokia and USB] and has GPS, AGPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and EDGE connections.
The Pliris1 is available for Pre-Order via their facebook page at N39,000 or other Pre-Order options at N45,000. Instant pick-up from the nimbleturf office costs N55,000. All packages also come with One Year 25GB Google Email for business valued at N10,000.

What do you think? Is this phone going to do well in the Nigerian phone market?

Source: Tech318