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Monday, May 16, 2011

RANT: If you type HBD, you're a stupid douche!

So It's your friend's birthday and they're probably not around you. Infact, they're so far away, the only thing you can do is to write on their facebook wall or send them a tweet and then you tweet or write'HBD'? Really?

For all those who haven't realised it yet, HBD means Happy BirthDay. Its the new way some people wish others well on their birthday. If you do this you are ultimately stupid and full of douchery to have done that and this is the point when you say 'But it's about the thought na?'.

If it was about the thought, you shouldn't have written on their freaking wall in the first place! You should have just remembered and then when you see them in future and they ask you, you say 'Well, I remembered. It's the thought that counts. Right?'. Hell No!

Don't be using technology as an excuse to be stupid and just so you know 'happy buffdae' isn't cool either. Just write a simple message 'Happy Birthday!', 'Happy Birthday, Have fun!', 'Happy Birthday, Have a good one'. Or you can google 'Short birthday messages' and click page 35 so no one will know[i dont do this ooh].

Note to all my facebook friends and twitter followers: If you wish me HBD on my birthday, I will unfriend you, block you and then swear for your genitalia! :|.