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Thursday, May 5, 2011

What the hell is Famz?

Familiarity. First time I heard the word 'Famz, I knew exactly what it was. A plot by the 'cool teenagers' to make themselves seem even cooler and others inferior. I'm going to base this post on a tweet from @Fallering 'If everything is famz, how's a ni#$a supposed to make friends?'

The first question I have for these people who think they are being 'famzed' is When you first came to this world did you know anybody? Sure you're almost obliged to know your immediate family and then your extended family but imagine if on your first day of nursery school you tried to talk to someone and they said 'famz'. Wouldn't you have been heartbroken? Won't you feel bad if someone does that to you? So I don't understand why someone will try to talk to you because they've seen some character trait or whatever they like about you and you will now be calling them famzers.

We were talking about 'famzing' to my math teacher one time and she said the whole idea doesn't even make sense. For someone to summon courage to walk up to a stranger they've probably never talked to in their life, there must be something they've seen, or there's something they want. So don't know be calling them famzer because they asked you if you have an extra pen.

I know, I know there are people who get too familiar with you but who do you really think you are that people shouldn't try to be friends with you anyway? I'm not sure if this is a Nigerian thing or a teenage thing but in the amount of time I've spent during my secondary and post-secondary education, I've noticed there's always this tendency for people to want to create some kind of seggregation or differenciation between themselves and another set of people. I'm not talking about being unique here, being unique is doing your own thing and not because someone else is influencing you to do them. \

I think I'm digressing a little bit so I'll end this: STOP TALKING ABOUT FAMZING AND MAKE SOME FREAKING FRIENDS! Of course, except if you want to be lonely when you're old with 9 cats who will eat you up when you die.

*No offence to Cat people :)*