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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Code Z - True Thursdays: Fowo Kan Mi

This is the second track on #TrueThursdays. Remember we said Code Z will be releasing a new track every thursday off their mixtape 'True Fans Only'. The first was With Me ft. Young P. This one's Fowo Kan Mi and it's something you can dance to! Listen and leave us a comment.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chimamanda Adichie's 'The danger of a single story' makes 20 most viewed TED talks so far

TED started out in 1984 as a conference bringing people together from 3 industries: Technology, Entertainment, Design. TED has become even broarder since then with annual TED Conferences held in Long Beach and Edinburgh. TED released a list of the most viewed videos on it's website since launch date and our very own Chimamande Ngozi-Adichie makes the list with 2,143,763 views. Topping the list is Sir Ken Robisnon's 'Schools kill creativity' speech which has 8,660,010 views at the time of posting.

Rooftop MCs + Cobhams - Eromplani

This is a brand new track from the Rooftop MCs featuring Cobhams. It's their most recent work after the album 'Back at One'. Lovely album art eh? Leave us a comment

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Tale Of Love: I am He, He is I.

BANG! -- My head touched the wall like a thunderbolt. That must hurt, sorry love, he said, kissing my forehead. I love this Man. It's not that clichéd kind of love, I'm telling you. Well, it may be. But it seldom feels like that. It feels like another part of me - a part no one knows about. Not even The Man. He calls my name in a satirical manner, and the world begins to reduce in size. What is left is a smile on my face. Like botox gone wrong. Maybe it is clichéd, I don't know. All I know is I've loved this Man from the start and I still feel it, you know.

Samklef + Ice Prince + Wizkid + D Prince: Molowo Noni[VIDEO]

We've seen a lot of hit tracks from Samklef the producer. Here's the video for the first release off his album Nonilizing. This features Wizkid, Ice Prince and D'Prince. Directed by Clarence Peters.

Nigerian Blog Awards 2011: Full Nominees List

Nominees for the 2011 Nigerian Blog Awards have been released online. There are over 20 Categories this year with a wide, wide range of nominees. The nominees are listed below and you can vote at

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Permit us to share secrets
Intimate secrets of the world.

A world beyond apprehension,
Two bodies speaking a language of their own
Existing for love alone.
Discover me, while I discover you
Three peas less one,
In our pod
Of love.
Alice in wonderland,

Friday, June 24, 2011

Official Action Film Video M.I featuring Brymo( Chocolate City Music)

M.I + Brymo - Action Fiml[OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

This is the official music video of M.I's 'Action Film' ft. Brymo off his recently released 'M.I.2: The Movie' album. The video is an animation off another animation a fan posted of the song a while ago. They loved the animation and they asked him to do a full length animation. Watch this and drop us a comment.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Code Z - TrueThursdays: With Me ft. Young P

Aleno Wyse ( Leni B ) , Tobi Akinkunmi (T.O.B) , Ruona Ebiai (rQ) , Tochi Onyenokwe (BBT) & Chidi Mbanisi (CeeEm) ,5 Talented young men fused together with the sole aim of making good music submerged to give you Code Z which was formed in 2008.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

DJ Klem - AfroFunkyDiscoSoul[FREE DOWNLOAD]

Knighthouse producer, DJ Klem has put up his album AfroFunkyDiscoSould online for FREE. The album name says it all. It's a mixture of Afro, Funky, Disco and Soul tracks. Download and leave a comment!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2011, You Decide[VIDEO]

The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria finals will hold on the 25th of June 2011. Here's a video showing all the finalists and them asking you to vote for them. A lot of hilarious stuff in this video.

SASHA - Don't Stop[VIDEO]

Here's Sasha's new video for 'Don't Stop'. Shot in Lagos and directed by Bobby Boulders. Sasha is totally dressed in Eclectic her clothing line and styled by Bolaji Animashaun. I love the ambience in the locations. Drop a comment!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Doo Wop: A Trip From The 50s.

Everyone (well, I think so) knows that my music taste dates back to the days of our ancestors - literally. Okay, I'm joking, just from the 50s to the 80s. I don't quite do well with modern music and I find that a rather amazing trait, if you ask me. I was going through my music playlist, which is always in shuffle mode, earlier today and I came across the song  "Come Back My Love" which I'm guessing was originally written by The Wrens. I started to do the "doo wop" dance. There is probably an official name, but I do not know. Anyway, I played the song over and over again. Like my British peers would say, I "rinsed" the song...
Anyway, I looked into more songs from such bands. It's amazing, really amazing. Oldies music, that is. Some of my favourite singers include Sam Cooke, Nina Simone, Billy Ocean, Teddy Pendergrass, Billy Idol, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Kool and the Gang, etc.
I'd like to share some of my loves with you guys so here goes...

A Change Is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke

This song touches me in so many places... It's amazing that even when a song doesn't have a significant meaning, the melody can move you. It creates thoughts, you know? A kind of peace of mind. You get lost in the voice of the singer and you feel a sense of release, you feel free, you feel like you let go of a curse that troubled your mind. Oh yeah...

When The Going Gets Tough - Billy Ocean

Ooooh, *goes crazy with love*... how can you not love this beautiful man? Oooooh, ooh, can I touch ya, and do the things that lovers do? Oooh, ooh, can I hold ya? 
He makes me happy! So happy. Ah.

Hi De Hi, Hi De Ho - Kool And The Gang

My ring tone... This has to be the grooviest song ever. I love it so much. You should actually see my Kool and the Gang dance, very amazing I tell ya.

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

*screams* Freddie Mercury! He was such a diva. The Legends die young, don't they? I think this is the best song ever written. I think everyone's favourite part is "Galileo, Galileo, Galileo Figaro, Magnifico!" and maybe "He's just a poor boy from a poor family, spare him his life from this monstrosity!" ahaha, I just giggled with excitement.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen
(Sorry, I tried not to add two songs from the same band/singer  but I couldn't help it. If I do, it just means it deserves a listen.)

Oooh, isn't Freddie just a diva? He makes me happy. I'm going to learn to play this on the bass guitar actually. I've done my research and it's very easy. They used the most famous rock and roll bass tabs and I learnt an Elvis Presley song so yeah, pretty easy.

Sh-Boom - The Overtones
This is not the original version, but I happen to be in love with this version. They are a British-Irish group who became popular in 2010. You should check out their other stuff. Pretty amazing. I love it.

Life could be a dream! ;)
Oh, they did a rendition of Come Back My Love too. Best believe I jumped on it like a hungry lion. It's so lovely. I can sing, but if I could sing these songs as good as these boys, then boy...
Check it out:

Lover Boy - Billy Ocean

*shivers* this song... the beat.. it could tear your speakers apart. isn't that amazing?

I'd love to go on but this will get ridiculously long.
Anyway, have a little laugh before you go. If you have an awesome sense of humour, you will laugh. :|

Kanye West sings to 'Scapegoat' and 'Give it to Me' in Video

If you've been on the web since last week, you wouldn't have missed the news that MoHits was signed to Kanye West's GOOD Music. This video is just a recording of the proceedings that took place after the signing. The video has Jay-Z, Big Sean and Kid-Cudi present and Kanye tries to sing to Scapegoat, you should see Big Sean bopping his head. LOL! . You can hear all the Nigerian innuendos in the background 'GBOSA' and 'OOOOSEEE'. Get ready world, Nigerian music is taking over!!1

Image: Mohitsrecords

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

These Russians want to be Nigerians[VIDEO]

Singing 'I Wanna Be a Nigerian' to the Tune of Bruno Mars' 'Billionaire', these Russians want to be Nigerian. Apparently being Russian is just so sad. In their AP class, Nigeria was their favorite class to study, so they did a small documentary 'Sweet Crude' about the Niger-Delta. The video names Nigerian leaders like Jonathan, Obasanjo and Ken Saro-Wiwa. Please give these people a green passport and leave a comment.

Watch the Lunar Eclipse Live

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes behind the earth so that the earth blocks the sun's rays from striking the moon. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, there is always a full moon the night of a lunar eclipse. The type and length of an eclipse depend upon the Moon's location relative to its orbital nodes. The most recent total lunar eclipse occurred on December 21, 2010, at 08:17 UTC. The next total lunar eclipse on June 15, 2011 will be a central eclipse, visible over Europe and south America after sunset, over Africa and most of Asia, and Australia before sunrise.

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Music: Joulesdakid - Roll Up[FREE DOWNLOAD]

4th track off Joulesdakid's 'Joulesdakid-LazyGnius: The  Mixtape' mixtape. The first three were Speaking in Tongues, Change You ft. Tobenna and I Run This

Return of BlackBerry Babes 1 and 2[VIDEO]

This is the 3rd part in the BlackBerry Babes series. The question we have is 'Where did they BlackBerry babes go?' The movie is split into due to YouTube upload limits. The video is brought to you by Nollywood love A company that buys movie licenses from Nigerian movie makers, so they can upload it on the web and you can watch it for free. Watch it and leave us a comment.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

MoHits gets signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music

We've been getting rumors about Don Jazzy producing 2 tracks on the Kanye West and Jay-Z collaboration album 'Watch The Throne'. This is even bigger! In a tweet this morning, @iamdbanj announced that MoHits Records has now been signed under G.O.O.D Music. Good Music is a record label, management and [[record producer|proby music producer and artist Kanye West. "GOOD" is an acronym for "Getting Out Our Dreams".

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WWDC 2011 Roundup: iMessage, iOS 5, iCloud and Mac OS X Lion

At the Apple Developer Conference yesterday, A new version of iOS 5 was announced as well as iMessage, iCloud and Mac OS X Lion. So I'll go through each of them one after the other.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

NEW VIDEO: Asa - Why Can't We(?)

Our very own Beautiful Imperfection personified has released a second video from the recent album, Beautiful Imperfection. I don't know about you, but this song and video got me moving from left to right. I dashed my unhappy thoughts out of the window and turned on the happy switch. Take a listen...or a sneak peek and tell me what you think.
Asa just keeps doing it all over again.
5 Stars.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

NEW VIDEO: Show Dem Camp + M.I + Abasa - Dreamer

Here it is!
The video we have all undoubtedly been waiting for.I  am quite impressed. What do you think?

Show Dem Camp - Mind Control[VIDEO]

Mind Control is one of the tracks off SDC's Clone Wars Mixtape Vol 1.Its about how the government has blinded us, so we don't even notice the problems they cause anymore. Download here

Friday, June 3, 2011

Chiddy Bang - Peanut Butter and Swelly[FREE DOWNLOAD]

Mixtape from Chiddy Bang the rap duo made up of Xaphoon Jones and Chiddy. The mixtape features Eldee the don, Mac Miller and Trae tha truth and contains 15 tracks. Chiddy recently broke 2 Guinness World Records.

Microsoft Demoes Windows 8[VIDEO]

It's the next version of the Windows Franchise. Microsoft has changed the entire User Interface and it now looks something like Windows Phone 7 on a large screen. The home screen shows block of tiles with pre-installed with apps for weather and business, it can be modified to add other Windows 8 apps. Switching from application to application is a breeze. With a swipe of the finger on the right screen[if you're on a touchscreen device] or a click of the mouse, you can move to the next opened app. You can also resize open apps in the same way, so you can multitask.