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Monday, June 27, 2011

A Tale Of Love: I am He, He is I.

BANG! -- My head touched the wall like a thunderbolt. That must hurt, sorry love, he said, kissing my forehead. I love this Man. It's not that clichéd kind of love, I'm telling you. Well, it may be. But it seldom feels like that. It feels like another part of me - a part no one knows about. Not even The Man. He calls my name in a satirical manner, and the world begins to reduce in size. What is left is a smile on my face. Like botox gone wrong. Maybe it is clichéd, I don't know. All I know is I've loved this Man from the start and I still feel it, you know.

You know when couples complain that they haven't got that spark, well, I have. I have got it, and sometimes I wish I would rid of it so that I can feel it like the very first time again. Ever so often, we only have one first time. But with The Man, there has been a first time many a time. Mum said she felt our relationship was only sex! Sex sex sex! I beg to differ. Our love, my Love -- a chaste type of love. Love so pure, I compare it to the wings of a snow white dove. For God sent his pure sweet love on the wings of a dove. Sometimes, you just know when you're in love. You know?

Love doesn't come a-knocking. No it doesn't.

Love doesn't bump into you at the mall. No it doesn't.

Love hits you like rain. When the weather guy says it's sunny, you walk out and it begins to rain on you. First you're confused, and then you get used to it. Never mind that your hair gets messy, oh, never mind. Love is not superficial, my love is not of the surface.

Because you know sometimes you love the rain. The droplets of water that fall on your hair, it kisses your forehead with a breath of coolness. You hate it and you love it. That's what love is. You hate it and you love it because it gives you a sense of freedom.

Hello! Hello!  He waved in my face. Well, who is to blame me? I found something I want to keep and keep it, I shall. Whenever the moment sweeps me away, think of My Love, I shall. Sorry love, I'm thinking again. That's what I say.
He asks what I'm thinking about. I ponder. I wonder. I debate. To tell him or not to tell him.
See, I've always tried to avoid the lovey-dovey aspect of our relationship so we don't get carried away. Don't get me wrong, we have our moments. But there is a time for everything. Papa always said:
there's a time for everything, my child.
A time to laugh, a time to cry.
A time to play, a time to work.
Time, my dear, once lost is never regained
Do the right thing at the right time.
A word, I say to you my child, is enough for the wise.
Any offspring of mine is an offspring of King Solomon.

Oh, father. He had such a lovely sense of humour. So wise, so wise. He often said about the white strands in my hair when I turned seventeen that it meant I was as wise as wise can be. Wise as wise can get, never ever let nobody take that away from you.
I miss him.

Daniella, He said. See, I zoned out again. Do you see why I love The Man? He looks past my shortcomings. Like a dodged bullet. Why, yes he does. That's what Love is.

I always wanted to be a poet, I wanted to share my wisdom with the world. But something happened. I never speak of it because I don't like sadness. Sadness blocks out the love in the lead darkens the heart. I don't want such a life. So in my head, when I can, I think about the wisdom I want to share. And most of it comes from The Man, my Love. Pappa, my father. Mum, well mum always had different plans.
I once told her that my love for The Man "resembles the eternal rocks beneath--a source of little visible delight, but necessary..." I told Mother I was He, and He was I.

Ever since, she wrote me off. I think not of it though. For I love the woman. I love her more than words can say, more than a bird can sing, more than the Sun can shine, I love her with the same measure of Hope the Darkling Thrush possesses. Infinity. Eternity. Love is forever.

People say Love dies...No, Love never dies. Love is intangible -- however could it die? Fie. Fie!
See, Love is my name. And my name I shall watch spread from lips to lips, touching the heart of many. That we may recognise Love and love Love in return.