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Friday, July 15, 2011

Boko Haram, Goodluck Jonathan and 7-year terms

*Before you read this, I'll like to state that I am highly pissed by the actions of the Federal Government in the last couple of weeks. The SSS lying about Arresting Boko Haram members and not trying them for terrorism, the continuous silence of the President on the Boko Haram matter and the increase of the Electricity Tariff, The proposed 7 year term, Jonathan's glaring incompetence and the fact that I've not really had a good day and this makes it worse. I will not apologise for stating things are they are or as they seem to be. Let's call stupidity stupidity and dumbness dumbness and incompetence incompetence*

Boko Haram

The formerly unpopular Northern terrorist group has been terrorising the north in the last couple of months. Pre-election and Post-election. What is most annoying about Boko Haram is that they've been blowing up the same parts of the country since march. The same towns, same markets, even the Force Headquarters. I mean, if they Headquarters of the Police Force isn't safe, where else should be safe? The Nigerian government is showing its unwillingness to stop this very small group and is beginning to 'Hold Talks' with them and might offer them amnesty. Amnesty for What? This is obviously different from the Niger-Delta militancy in the past years. Niger-Deltans want something and that is the development of their region in exchange for the revenue they give the country. It's simple and it makes sense. What does Boko Haram want? Nobody seems to know.

Last week the SSS published a press release stating that they had arrested members of Boko Haram and they weren't going to be Tried. Everyone kicked against this, including the Nigerian Bar Association. We were all pissed until Boko Haram over the weekend issued statements that none of its members have been arrested. GEN GEN! Are you telliing me that the SSS makes press releases without the consent of the President? Impossible! This brings us to the part of this post with the headline "Goodluck Jonathan".

Goodluck Jonathan

What the actual F is up with this guy? How does a country over which you preside gets bombed by a couple of dudes and you don't think you have to make a speech about it? Even George Bush as evil as he was gave a speech as soon as he was able to after the 9/11 attacks. We know there's a lot of controversy surrounding that event but at least he assured his people that the culprits of the events will be brought to book, if there were any culprits at all. Clearly, the president hasn't ordered the Police or the Army to do anything about these attacks. If they did, Borno and Suleja won't be getting multiple blasts. There'll have been heavy military personnel in the region to slow down movement, check vehicles crossing state boarders and scouring for bombs. The only thing this very unintelligent dude has done is to present the senate with a plan to stay in the presidency for 7 years. He seems to be aware that he has become unpopular with the Nigeiran people and will definitely not get a shot at a second term. And we thought Obasanjo was bad? I remember stating many times on twitter and on this blog that Jonathan wasn't the right man for the Job. We've seen how PDP leaders have been around the country and in the last 12 years and we still chose another PDP leader? That's what einstein calls Insanity. WE ARE INSANE!

Is Jonathan incompetent?

So far he has shown his inability to take the bull by the horn as the President of Nigeria. Yes, it is possible that certain people are using Boko Haram as an excuse to test the president's incompetence but isn't it up to him to prove them wrong and show what he has to offer?

7 year terms

We thought 3rd term was dead. Apparently it isn't o. I'll like to explain what the 7year term agenda is. Jonathan claims the reason there's so much electoral violence and rigging in Nigeria is because after 4 years, the incumbent leaders will do whatever they can to stay there. And i'm like -_- What is this guy saying? Having 7 year terms is a highly stupid idea. This means if a sitting governor or president is constantly messing up(Like he is), we'll have to wait 7 years to root him out. While he's frivolously spending our money and filling his bank account.

In conclusion

I'm heading for University abroad in a couple of weeks. Before this year, I told everybody I'll come back to Nigeria after university. It seemed like the right thing to do. The way things are going right now, I'm not so sure anymore. I might just live up north forever.

*Food for thought*

For a dude[after 8 years in top government positions] who can't get his wife a private teacher so she can speak better english, do you really think he cares about you or your child's education? Charity begins at home no?*