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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Ethics behind LulzSec and Anonymous arrests[OPINION]

I first heard about Anonymous last year, when they responded to PayPal's shutdown of Wikileaks' account by sending multiple Denial of Service attacks to PayPal's API and making PayPal reverse its earlier shutdown decision. They also shutdown MasterCard in a few european countries - MasterCard has no legal right to shutdown anyone's account. LulzSec has been widely popular this year, after showing off security vulnerability of Sony's network services, LulZSec also attacked the CIA and the US Pentagon, leaking several files that implicated the US Government. More recenlty, LulzSec shutdown all of News International's UK websites after the news about News of the World hacking spiralled.

On monday, the FBI arrested a key member of  Anonymous, AKA NO.NO is a 20 year-old student of the University of Nevada in the United States. Also, another 19 year-old has been arrested by the U.K's Scotland Yard in connection with LulzSec.

The question remains are these arrests right? Are the hackings right? Here are a few thoughts from the very beginning.

Last year, the story of Wikileaks blew up. Wikileaks got access to thousands of files showing the U.S Government's distortion of figures concerning civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S government has killed way more people than they told us died and they've kept this under cover while they pursue Julian Assange. Now after Wikileaks' exposure on other US Government practices[including spying on the United Nations], PayPal shutdown the wikileaks donor accounts, obviously due to government pressure. By the next day, Anonymous had put up a small piece of software online that allowed users send multiple hits to PayPal's website, crippling PayPal's service for over 24hours. In my very strong opinion, I dont think Anonymous was wrong to do that. They were trying to prove a point. The US Government keeps constantly getting away perpetrating evil in Middle Eastern and African countries and the worst part is they keep getting away with it. Why hasn't the United Nations called a War Crimes Court due to the leaked cables from Wikileaks? Why hasn't there been an inquiry into the real truth behind AlQaeda? Why hasn't George Bush been prosecuted for sending troops to someone else's country due to fake reports of Weapons of Mass Destruction that weren't even there? Why is everyone else keeping numb about this?

On the LulzSec attacks, Why hasn't Sony paid a fine for not providing enough security for its users? I'm sure there's a privacy clause under some part of the US and UK constitution that states that organisations must protect user data. Also, the hackers didn't even leak any of the information online, they just exposed the vulnerability of the service so Sony could fix it. What's wrong in that?

By the way, I took part in the Anonymous attacks in December last year, because I strongly do not support any government not minding their business and invading other people's countries just so they seem like heroes when they're really not. Hell, the FBI might read this. You can come and find me in Lagos, Nigera.

Also, NO is being charged to 15years imprisonment with an option of a $500,000 fine. Why should a hacker be made to pay this much  when OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony walk the streets of the US free? In response to the 15year imprisonment judgement, @anonymousirc has made a call for all PayPal users who have below $10[or even more] in their account to close their accounts and donate the money to any charity of their choice. The call was made yesterday morning and eBay has just lost over $1Billion in stock. Dear world governments, You can't just get away with doing stupid stuff in an electronic world.

We've seen a few hacks in Nigeria in the past few weeks by NaijaCyberHacktivists, sadly our government hasn't even taken them serious because they've been closing down very small and minute government websites. They've threatened to shutdown online bank transactions and telecommunication systems if their demands are not met and I'm eagerly waiting for that. *Sips Wine* Have a shit-government-free day :)

The young people at Anonymous and LulzSec inspire me. The world is in need of a truly non-biased kind of police force, that isn't tied to any government or company donations or anybody in particular and so far, they've done a very good job

Here are a few links to articles on the web explaining why Anonymous and LulzSec do what they do [interesting stuff in the comments section here]

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