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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google's first eReader, iRiver Story HD, hits U.S Stores at the End of the Week

Starting at $139.99, the iriver Story HD is different from all other eReaders, it comes with a QWERTY Keyboard for easy searching and the screen is a high-res e-ink screen. The price is the same as Amazon's Kindle and Nook's Simple Touch Reader.

Google launched eBooks in December last year with the ability to read books on any device with a modern browser using the Google Mobile apps. Google has since then, teamed up with over 250 independent bookstores and made Google eBooks available on the Android Market.

This is the first eBook reader to allow downloads via Wi-Fi. Other readers require users to download the books on a computer and then transfer to their device. The iriver Story HD e-reader will be on sale starting from the 17th of July at Target stores in the US and on This is Google's first e-Reader device integrated into the Google Books platform. The device will allow users buy and read Google eBooks over Wi-Fi.

Can this beat Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iPad and Nook's Simple Touch Reader?