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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Number of BlackBerry Users in Nigeria hits 1Million

You thought everyone had a BlackBerry. BusinessDay has reported that its investigations into Nigeria's 4 GSM companies show that the number of BlackBerry users has just crossed the 1Million mark with about 1.2Million users.
BusinessDay also reports that only about half of those users actually subscribe to the BlackBerry Internet Service. The number of BIS subscribers is however on the rise from 300,000 two months ago to about 500,000 as at the time of the report.

The number of BIS subscribers has increased due to the drop in tariff plans for BlackBerries while other mobile phone users still pay a ton of money for crappy services. All the GSM networks have however not improved their services with users complaining about MTN and Glo almost all the time on various social networks. 

The question is if you can't hold the amount of data that BlackBerries require why did you even begin to offer the service in the first place. We all know making calls and sending texts are a pain due to constant network failures, but the network operators know this and they have continued to increase the amount of traffic and data on the network by offering internet services. The saddest part of the story is that the new NCC administration isn't doing anything about user complaints.

Image: Photo: Ninja Monkey on flickr