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Friday, August 26, 2011

Love: So Simple, Yet So Complex.

How do we truly know when it's love? How do we know the right time to grab that person by the hand and whisper into their ears the emotions that consume our heart?

Is there a particular time to say it? Should one person say it first? If that person says it first, or when they feel it, what happens if one does not feel the same? Will a problem arise? Will they understand that it is only when love is felt that one should say the words, so if they don't feel that way at the time, it is okay? Will they be offended and consumed with false ideas about themselves? 

Am I not easy to love? Am I not attractive enough?
Do I not deserve your love?
I'm so easy to love, so what is it?

Love really is simple, but it is lost in the complexities of the human mind. It is that piece of diamond darkened as lead amidst the swarm of bizarre creatures in the mind of man.
This debauchery begets the questions that run through our minds when we are so intimately involved with someone and we feel a pressing need to express our emotions. Then something stops you from making a move. I want to understand what it is that stops us some times, and why it is that it stops us. 

I wonder if anyone can answer some of these questions. I'd really love to know. 
My mind is currently being boggled. Help?