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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Swift Broadband's 4G Is Not 4G! 4G Doesn't Even Exist

I noticed a few days ago while my wireless was on, that a lot of my neighbours had switched to Swift's '4G Broadband' service. Before, they used the normal starcomms, Glo or MTN modems. They have been misled by the Network service and I hope to correct this.

According to the Swift packages, subscribers are limited to maximum speeds of 400kbps, 512kbps, 768kbps and 1mbps depending on the plan you pay for. Theoretically, 3.5G services should offer a maximum of 3.6mbps or 7.2mbps depending on your ISP. If you use Glo or MTN's 3.5G services you can experience little over 1.8mbps during the good times. The service even gets worse as the networks become congested and as the weather changes.

Its important to note that 400kbps, 512kbps, 768kbps and 1mbps are not even 3.5G speeds. Swift is calling their service 4G because that's what you, the consumer wants to hear. You want to hear that they have a better and faster service than the competitor and you'll buy it without even checking because it's got '4G' all over the packaging.

Wimax is not 4G

Wimax is not 4G. What is happening is there's a service called LTE. LTE is an upgrade of 3G like EDGE is an upgrade of 2G. Ergo 4G doesn't exist in Nigeria yet. The NCC isn't even selling any 4G licenses.

What about all those 4G devices

Yeah, you've heard about all the HTC 4G phones but they're not really 4G devices. Like I said earlier, the consumer wants to hear that's there's been an 'improvement' from one service to another.

You might want to share this with your friends before they go waste their money on a basic service that is being touted as what it's not.

Here's a screenshot of what Swift and Mobitel are actually offering you from Loy Okezie