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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What does being 18 Really Mean?

If you follow me on twitter, you probably already know it was my birthday this week. In this post, I'll try as much as possible to explain what being 18 means. I'm not too sure I understand it yet.


I'll me moving to a whole new country in a few weeks. The initial plan was to get there with my parents and at least have some people around till I settle down but that
isn't going to happen. I have to go unaccompanied on a 12hour flight with a few breaks inbetween. Then I have to rely on the internet basically to get myself around and get necessary stuff. I hope it isn't that hard. I think when you're 18 people expect a lot of maturity and responsibility from you. They expect you to be able to think and act properly and they expect you to weigh your options before taking actions.

 Alcohol and Straffing

 I've been bombarded with Alcohol and Straffing tweets all day. My friend said "So you mean, you won't go somewhere and get drunk?" and I said "Dude, I'm going back to my father's house this evening and it's 3 weeks to uni, I don't want to mess that up". Alcohol disgusts me anyway *Kanye Shrug*. In the place I'm moving to[not sure if i should say this yet] I'm not even legal until 19. The Straffing ones were too hilarious though![Shoutsout to Bisola]

 Doing something with your life
 I've said this quite a lot of times. It's really not about what university or school you go to anymore. You have to do something with yourself. For me, it's been running 2 blogs the last 2 years. I've barely made $20 but I'm doing anyways. For me It's about the experience. Starting something and watching your traffic grow steadily. I recently got hired to blog for @Technesstivity . You should totally check it out! Amazing peopel there.

 Accomplishing enough I'm still double-sided about it. I haven't decided if I've accomplished enough in the last 18years of my life or in the last 2 years since I've started blogging and doing a lot of major tech-related things in the last year. I know quite a bunch of 18 year olds worth more than $1Million. They're on @techcrunch all the time and I'm like "Meen, what have I done with my life". Then again, Different strokes for different folks.

 The Next Year Ahead The next year holds a lot in stock. It'll be my first year of Software Engineering and a lot could happen. I could start something up, join a start-up, drop out and continue with the start up. The 3rd part is less likely, MY PARENTS ARE NIGERIAN!

Favourite part of the day I was joking about a car hitting my friend and her ability to die[she's spent 2 years in uni].I told her she had achieved way more than I have. She said I had achieved a whole lot than she has because of my tech geekyness with the blogs and all. She probably doesn't know it, but she made my day :)

 I should finally have access to Google+ I don't understand why Google blocked me on this o. I've become so used to Facebook and Twitter allowing me test products before a number of others that I was shocked when Google said "You're not old enough to access this feature". So I'm off to test Google+! Have a lovely week! :)

Image: DaisyBliss, Flickr