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Friday, August 19, 2011

CNNGo Names The Nigerian Accent The World's 5th Sexiest Accent

This is not coincidence. This is a well calculated plan. We, as Nigerians have decided to take over the world from Fashion to Music to Technology and we have now entered sexyness. *This is when you start to feel cool and order that 'Proudly Nigerian' shirt. However, CNN doesn't say which accent exactly this 'Nigerian' accent is. Is it the HFactor filled Yoruba or the thick Igbo accent or the F and P mixed up Hausa Accent. Doesn't matter anyway! As long as you're Nigerian! [Ehen @Fallering you can stop practising your British accent now].

CNN Says it's our 'oh's and our 'eh's that make the accent sexy. So don't stop saying 'oh' o!

What irks me however is the mention of cyber scams. CNN must always do us by adding the bad part -_-