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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Is Brain Drain A Repeat Of Slave Trade?

As a lot of people who read this blog and follow me on twitter know, I've been awaiting my Canadian Visa from the Canadian High Commission for over 3 months. This evening we visited a friend of ours who's a citizen so he could visit the Deputy High Commission tomorrow and see if he can get something done. On our way back home, my dad suddenly realised{after this i realised it oo} that Africa might never develop because the best of our people go abroad and only 10% of them come back.

A classic example will be the best schools in Lagos. Aside from the fact that a lot of schools are now adopting the British GCSE system and some even prepare their students for the American SATs. You'll notice that majority of the students who go to the best schools go to abroad for their University education. I'll give my graduating set from secondary school as an example. Out of 36 graduating students, only 8 remain in Nigerian universities. That's 22% of my entire class. Now imagine that{or even lower rates} at all the best schools across the country. The people who have gotten the best education with the best teachers and the best tools are leaving at an alarming rate.

A lot of us will never come back. I probably won't. It's simple really. We're all humans and we all love good things. The ease at which the educational systems{and other systems like transport, electicity, food} in Canada, the US and the UK are run will make you forget about your country. In the last few days I have left to spend in Nigeria, I've been constantly frustrated by basic services. I got home about an hour ago and NEPA just took light 15 minutes before I began typing this. It took me about 3 hours yesterday to get my Starcomms to connect. Despite the fact that as Nigerians we're paying the highest amount for the slowest internet service in the world. And they still lie to us that they're serving us Bloodband and FalseG services.

How does this relate to slave trade?

During the slave trade, the slave dealers only took the most able men and women{research has shown that they specifically asked for women with particular body shapes} who could work long hours on farms and could withstand the rigorous journey to the new world. I'm not saying it's not right for us as 'priviledged people' to want better things for ourselves and eventually our kids, but this doesn't make Africa better and it's the fault of our leaders again. Except this time, our leaders wear suits and they have polished offices and drive new cars. THEY STILL HAVE THE MINDSET OF THE CHIEFS!

The African Chiefs that sold their own people, flesh and blood to the white man in exchange for the stupidest of things. It's important to note that before the portuguese reached the shores of West Africa, they had gone to South America and had failed to capture a working slave population. The chiefs refused to sell their people and there had to be war. After these South American tribes were captured, they refused to work on plantations and were considered a loss by the slave masters. Next Destination: Africa.

How about the 10% who will come back home?

I've done a bit of research and inquisitions and I have found out that the majority of this 10% that come home aren't home because they love Nigeria so much. It's to protect their family's interests. They either take over their parents' companies and if they're parents are politicians they inherit the country. That's what is happening. The son of a thief CANNOT be anything like a thief.,/br>
What does coming back home mean?

Looking at the life expectancy ages between Canada and Nigeria, the average Nigerian male is expected to live up to 40 while the female is 45. The canadian life expectancy is 78. There you go. Our people here also die because someone has refused to fix the Benin-Ore road and the Ooni of Ife after winning the contract to fix the road to Ife hasn't done shit. There are signs that warn you of bad roads while you're on it. What The Hell?