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Monday, December 5, 2011

A Plague On All Their Homophobic Minds.

The news of the anti-homosexual ignorance of those in power in Nigeria reached me recently, and I couldn't help but mourn for the death of education, reason and intelligence.
The prohibition of homosexual partnerships passed through Nigeria's senate last week and it was decided that people entering civil partnerships or cohabitation will face jail for up to 14 years. It was also claimed that they were "protecting humanity and family values". They even went as far as claiming that they were "protecting civilization in its entirety."

What bigotry.

To say that Nigeria and Nigerian leaders, most especially, are civilised or aware of humanity is to admit that your mouth has been sweetened disgustingly against your wish.

Focusing on their claim of protecting humanity, I am appalled. Absolutely appalled at the fact that a thinking person believes that to be homosexual is to be dangerous to society and humanity. I don't quite understand this idea, to be completely honest with you. Or am I missing the point?

Because, to me, it seems as though they forget that homosexuals are people, they are human too, if we want to talk about humanity. So why must their case be different? Why must they be marginalised in their society? Why, I prithee, why?

If these leaders want to protect humanity, why can they not start from accepting homosexuals for who they are? Do you think homosexuality is a choice? If you do, discard that thought immediately. If it's a choice, then are the people suffering and hiding in other African countries just plain stupid? Are they just stubborn goats who enjoy the punishment they may face for being who they are? Are they? Don't you think that if they had a choice, they would not be homosexual? Have you stopped to think about their situation and wonder why it is thus?

I guess not. You clearly haven't.

Growing up in Nigeria and in a Catholic home, I did believe that homosexuality was an absolute transgression, my mind was clouded by ignorance. I moved to the UK and attended a Catholic school where Religious Studies was compulsory and we studied it from a Catholic perspective, further planting this absurd thought in my head that to be homosexual was to literally be an imp of Satan. To make it worse, I was surrounded by Protestant and Pentecostal Christians who went as far as saying it was a sin against God that required powerful prayers for you to be free of it. What arrant nonsense!

I say it is nonsense now that my eyes are open, of course. Living in the UK widened my mind, and I soon realised that homosexuality was fairly common, I mean, I went (and still go) to school with lesbians, and they are far from being bad people. In fact, I will go as far as claiming that they have the biggest hearts, and the loveliest smiles. They even give the warmest hugs, and make you feel good about yourself and life. They bring a non-conventional approach to life that refreshes you. They are not narrow-minded. How, then, can these people be perceived harmful to society? How?

It's just like saying that atheists are completely bad people who will all perish in hell for not believing in God. An obstinately vain idea! My English Literature teacher is atheist and she is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. In fact, she is beautiful, and I absolutely love her. Is she dangerous to me? NO.
So where did this idea that homosexuals were destructive for society come from?
By the way, my mind has not been poisoned by western values, I do understand cultural values and how you patriots hold them dear to your hearts. However, I have come to realise that homosexuality is something that no culture can restrict, how ever hard we try to make it happen. People need to realise that.

African men don't marry African men, and African women, I presume, shouldn't marry African women too. Okay. But don't discriminate against those who have no control over their sexuality. It doesn't take away their, dare I say, Africanness. It honestly doesn't. And when you redeem your eyes of the ignorance that clouds them, you just might see it too.

I don't disagree with homosexuality, and I won't say I 'agree' with it because I don't quite fancy the word 'agree' with relation to homosexuality. I also think it's ridiculous to use the word 'agree' to ask a person's opinion on homosexuality because whilst we accommodate homosexuals, we might not be that way inclined, and this does not mean we 'disagree' with it. It's tantamount to saying that you disagree with Muslims for not eating pork. That's a ridiculous thing to say. I may eat pork and you may not, but it does not mean that I will not be your friend. Where is the sense in that?
I take a live and let live stance on it because I will be betraying my heart and values if I say death to all homosexuals!

This is simply an absurd manifestation of the ignorance of Nigerian leaders, and I am deeply saddened to say I am Nigerian at this moment.
In fact, it is a shame that some of those who encouraged the law are 'educated'. What an absolute disgrace of their education, and an absolute disgrace of the education of the Nigerians (and many other people in the world) that support this cruelty towards homosexuals. Then again, it is widely known that academic intelligence has not always resulted in the ability to reason and understand.

A plague on all their homophobic minds.
A baneful plague.

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