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Friday, January 6, 2012

On Dreams - Mirabilia

I hardly dream, and I had just about five dreams in the space of three hours. Clearly, I am not in the best shape mentally right now, but that is an issue for another day's worry. 

Is it not strange, though, how your conscious mind affects what happens in your quite subconscious (or should I say unconscious) dream? I do not know if I make it clear enough, but during my dreams, at times where I happen to find myself swaying between states of consciousness and a lack of it, I realise that the state of my mind at such times affects what is about to occur in the dream. 

For example, in one dream, I was holding on to something I could not see, something that felt as though I was pulling on a rope to save something I did not know. As consciousness brushes against me, I question: What the hell are you doing? And that moment, I release my hold, and I am awoken. 

Questioning the universe and what just happened. What just happened? I am no interpreter of dreams, and I similarly have no genuine interest in what that dream was about, but I, at the same time, marveled at the power of the mind and the power of the world as we do not see it, and as we are conditioned to ignore things that exceed the reach and capabilities of humanity. 

What is this world about? More importantly, what is consciousness of the self about? My mind currently resembles an image which portrays a young girl immersing herself in the comfort of her best clothes scattered recklessly on a bed that has just found its ground in that room.
I am going to read up more intensely on issues of this nature. It seems ... interesting, to say the least.
I also do apologise for the disorganisation displayed in this. I needed to lay my thoughts down within an hour of waking up.

It is something worth thinking about, though.

Good morning, and peace to you all, divine beings.