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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Pressure On University Guys[VIDEO]

So this babe in this video is basically talking about the pressure guys[males] in University face from girls. I think she makes some good points. What do you think?

Friday, March 23, 2012

JoulesDaKid + Rocky - Otis[VIDEO]

Brand new video from @Joulesdakid and @itsrocky of a remix of Kanye and Jay-Z's Otis single. 
Emm, babes are already booking Rocky
So, I had to book Kayode sharply. No, Nigerian policeman reading this. I am a straight puzzon

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly[INFOGRAPHIC]

Remember when I complained about spelling? Well, seems like people didn't pay attention to that. Here's an infographic from BlueGlass that expatiates on common spelling mistakes.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Does Internet Addiction Exist?

You've probably seen the term "Internet Addiction" a couple of times in traditional media. They've told you the Internet is to blame for the increased divorce rate, they've blamed exam failures on Facebook, Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger. They've blamed the internet for Riots. They've refused to face the real problems. Hey, let's just blame it on the internet. It's not a real person after all.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#Winning: CBN Raises Daily Limit Of Cash Withdrawals and Deposits

After all our complains and complains and complains. The Central Bank of Nigeria has finally increased the daily limits for cash withdrawals and deposits from N150,000 to N500,000. The limit for company/corporate accounts has been lifted from 1Million to 3 Million. #winning :D

As for the charges on withdrawing/depostiting above the limit, the Deputy Governor of the CBN, Tunde Lemo says

"“If it is withdrawal, for individuals it will be three per cent above the N500,000 threshold and for corporate bodies, it will be five per cent above the N3 million threshold. And for cash deposit, it would be two per cent if an individual is depositing above N500,000 and three per cent if corporate bodies are depositing above N3 million,”

It's a really good sign that the CBN is listening to complains from bank users. It shows that there's room for improvement and they're willing to improve.

The Source of this post is ThisDay Live but I cannot find the link anymore. Even after googling it.

Rooftop MCs + Karl-Nova - Entourage[AUDIO + DOWNLOAD]

In the last episode "Heroes", the Rooftop MCs teamed up with Karl-Nova and Eben reminded themselves that God is always with them in all times and even when we feel overwhelmed.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is Nigeria Ready For A 'Cashless Economy?'. Obviously Not

First, I'll like to correct the term 'cashless economy'. Please Mr. Sanusi, it's not 'cashless', it's mobile money. Money in your hands that you can access whenever you dont have cash. So get? When you tell a market woman 'cashless', she'll immediately imagine money is disappearing.


After a long, long wait, here's the Official Video of DBanj's Oliver Twist. G.O.O.D Music in conjuction with MoHits records. There's a cameo by Kanye in between although DonJazzy is missing. Big Sean's in it too. Directed by Sesan and shot on location in London.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rooftop MCs ft. KarlNova & Eben - HEROES

"Heroes" is the Second Episode off The Rooftop MCs' mixtape "SERIES: Season One". It features KarlNova and Eben and continues the story. In this episode, our characters are at a point where they feel overwhelmed and all alone. Then they remember that God is their ever present help in time of need.

Friday, March 9, 2012

What Do Nigerian Tech Blogs Need To Be?

*Before this post begins, I'll like to state that as a member of the tech-blogging community, I'm very likely do defend members of the community. Blame Creation*

About a week ago, I was hit with a link. @EditiEffiong linked me to his first 'real blog post' and it was "

Nigerian technology bloggers: A search for relevance".

The title interested me so I read it. You can read it here.
Basically, he's disappointed in tech blogs. We don't have leaks like BGR

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nigerian Eateries, What's With The No-Laptop Rule?

So I was on my way to Ogun State a few days ago and we decided to eat at the Tastee Fried Chicken outlet on the Lagos-Ibadan express way. We had been out of the house since early momo and everything we had was dead. Phones and Laptops especially. I also needed to publish some drafts I had saved earlier in the day.

So as soon as I got in, my super ninja vision located a power port. I sharply walked up to it, brought out my phone charger and attempted charging my phone. One of their staff just walked up to me "Eeez not allowed" "Dazz how eet is". I'm like Okay No problem. Then I asked if I could use my laptop. At least if I cant charge my phone, I should be able to use my laptop naa.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rooftop MCs - Agbara Nla

Last week, the Rooftop MCs announced they would be releasing a mixtape called Series:Season One, a take on popular Tv shows of the day. This is the first track off the mixtape titled: AGBARA NLA (MIGHTY POWER).