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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nigerian Eateries, What's With The No-Laptop Rule?

So I was on my way to Ogun State a few days ago and we decided to eat at the Tastee Fried Chicken outlet on the Lagos-Ibadan express way. We had been out of the house since early momo and everything we had was dead. Phones and Laptops especially. I also needed to publish some drafts I had saved earlier in the day.

So as soon as I got in, my super ninja vision located a power port. I sharply walked up to it, brought out my phone charger and attempted charging my phone. One of their staff just walked up to me "Eeez not allowed" "Dazz how eet is". I'm like Okay No problem. Then I asked if I could use my laptop. At least if I cant charge my phone, I should be able to use my laptop naa.

Then he points to the sign in the image below "Dats how eet is". My mind is already like "Laws are made by humans. Most times, stupid humans" but I was with family so I didnt say anything. I just got home and went to eat their now horrible Jollof Rice. Fish's still good though.

My point is why can't I use my laptop in Nigerian eateries. Like, I'm not using your WiFi or anything. That's even if they had WiFi. If I'm paying to eat at your restaurant or whatever I should be able to at least use my laptop.

So I tweeted this and @JesseOguns was telling me he had the same experience. They didn't let him use his already charged laptop but they allowed him use his Tablet. Okay, that's just stupidly ignorant. The only differnce between a Tablet and a Laptop is the physical keyboard. Like, are these people blind?

Mr. Biggs sef dey form

After the Tastee fiasco, I remembered that my Local Mr. Biggs at Yaba has a "No-Laptops allowed" Poster on their wall. First time I saw this I laughed. These people barely have customers. I went to buy Ice Cream(as a friend zoner] there on Valentines' day and the place was sooo empptyyyyy.

Anyways, Mr. Biggs with their dwindling population of customers still won't let us use our laptops? E don be for them niyen.

Don't these people know about Starbucks free Wi-fi ish ish? Like you just chill at a Starbucks and use their WiFi while you finish your cup of Coffee. Some people even hang out at Starbucks because of their free WiFi.

So Nigerian eateries what's with the anti-tech?