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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Does Internet Addiction Exist?[2]

This might or might not be a follow up to "Does Internet Addiction Exist?". It's along that line sha.

You have to read the earlier post to understand the large part of what's here.

So, I moved houses

Worst Decision of the year

No Internet

There are problems with internet connectivity and NEPA here so all I'm stuck with is mobile.

Drop In Productivity

In the earlier post, I blogged about how I spent quite a lot of time online because I practically work and learn online. Udacity, Codecademy, P2PUni, everything's online.

Lower number of tweets

In March, I had over 6,000 tweets. If you read my short Twitter rant about how we spend so much time there and still claim we're 'busy' and we still don't get the most important things done, you know what I'm talking about.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone also said Twitter shouldn't be a place where people spend a lot of time. If the co-founder of a service is telling the purpose of his service is not so you live there, you might have to rethink your life.

It's April 18th as I type this, Tweetstats says I have about 1200 tweets.

No internet at home so that could be a reason

Number of blog posts plunged too,

I usually publish draft about 2-4 posts daily on Technesstivity. Now it's like 3 a week. It was 1 post in 10 days for a while. I feel weird.

When we quit certain things, do other things take over?

I've noticed that over the years, a lot of my friends 'quit' social networks when it's getting close to exams. The question I've always asked is "Does quitting help?". Is the human brain not wired to find another offline distraction? For companies who ban their employees from Social Networking by blocking Facebook and Twitter on their local network, they always find out that employees find something else online to take away their time. Most times it's YouTube.

Is there anyone out there who has quit certain things so they could focus on a goal? Has it helped? Please leave a comment.

How have I been spending my time?

Well, the new house is farther. So I'm spending more time[and money!] on the road on my house-work-hub-house trips. On the days when I don't go out[they keep trying to force me in, Olorun O ni je], I spend my time trying to read actual paper books and then sleeping off.

So If I don't blog in a while, don't unsubscribe okay :]. Tenzz :*