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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Etisalat, Cinemas, Permission Marketing and Spam

So I use an Etisalt SIM. I don't have problem with their SMS and call pricing. I don't SMS and call people. What I do however is to subscribe to Data Plans.

I'll be sitting at the office on a normal day, trying to post a tweet or send an email or edit a blog post on the super sucky wordpress mobile and then Etisalat will send me a message for the 15th time that day.

"Dear Customer, You have 1 free registration for your You&Me number. Dial bla bla bla to register". I get over 20 of these messages everyday. I'm tired. These messages are interrupting my browsing experience.

Every activity on my mobile phone gets me an etisalat SMS. If I had a dollar for every message I get, I'll have made over $20,000 and I'm probably underestimating. I make a call, an SMS comes in. I send an SMS, another one comes in. I subscribe to a data plan, I get 3 SMSes.

THIS IS NOT RIGHT. I'm paying you for a service not to know about more Services.

The worst part is that Etisalat in their infinite wisdom can figure out when someone tried to call me and send me an SMS like 20 minutes after.Did I buy a SIM to get call alerts or to receive calls?

SMS adverts are spam. That's what they are. When I signed up for Etisalat I wasn't given an option on whether or not I want SMSes after every action. I want that option. I believe it's my right.

Every service on the internet that I've signed up to always gives me an option on what email alerts I want to receive. Etisalat needs to get this done. Same for every other telco.

Permission Marketing

Head to download his free books. This is not the industrial age anymore. People don't like ads. They'll do anything to get away from ads[like subscription services]. I don't see why I should be getting Ads on my phone if I'm paying you for a service.

Genesis Deluxe Needs to Chill

I'm paying 1500 for a movie. I honestly do not give a crap what Fidelity Bank has to offer. I'm PAYING you to see a movie. I don't mind watching trailers but what I mind is wasing a minute of my time telling me I'm at Genesis Deluxe Cinemas[So I just woke up and landed in the Cinema abi?] and then showing me ads from banks. Of all people. And stop that Orange Broadband ad. It's becoming disgusting.

There is a fine line between business, profit and greed. Playing Bank ads during a paid movie is greed. That's why Netflix keeps killing Cable. Or whoever. Point is Cable is dying. I mean, I'm paying 10Grand a month for DSTV and they'll still show me ads that apply to only SOUTH AFRICA. Despite the fact that they make more money from Nigeria. It's stupid. Stop that nonsense.

I don't watch TV anymore. I can't stand it

Ads every 5 minutes after I'm paying you for DSTV? Are you insane? I can get everything online for free anyway. Goodluck trying to curb privacy.

YouTube is showing video ads now

Like for real? Is something worrying you people's head? You already have a 250x250px block on the right and random links during the videos and you think I won't hit the skip ad button before my video? Pop-up ads are actually greater than this.

Up and coming, coming up quick artistes

You guys are the absolute worst. You're spam that I know personally. These upcoming music people believe they have to talk about everything for at least 3 months before they release a snippet. Absolute B.S. B.S of Life.

They'll hype a song for like 3 whole months and then, You'll spend your slow Nigerian internet to download it and it'll now be rubbish. I've made up my mind not to lie to anyone that they're track is great. Enough goat-sounding people trying to sing. It have do. Get a degree or create a business. Sha stop singing. Eeez nor by force.

Btw, If you're in the Music/Music distribution business, You HAVE TO watch Seth Godin's PressPausePlay. It's free online. No excuses.

Please, If I don't have an actual Personal Relationship[PR] with you or an online relationship with you, stop sending me "For Release Now" emails. They're appalling. I never read them.

I almost forgot my folks at RedNigeria. They're the king of spam. I've only met one guy from RedNigeria and he couldnt get me on a list of an event I was meant to cover. You can't reply my email but you want me to be hyping Nigerian Idol[which I dont watch] for you? EL-OH-EL

I applied to help out with internet publicity with The Future Nigeria. Never got a reply, They decided to spam me instead. Thank You very much

Oh and if you feel the need to mention every Twitter user whenever you have a blog post, \____________________