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Sunday, August 5, 2012

So We're Watching Dark Knight Rises At Ozone And The Movie Goes Silent and Fast Forwards

After reading tweet upon tweet and spoiler upon spoiler about the latest Batman movie: The Dark Knight Rises, my friend and I decided to hit Ozone Cinemas, Yaba to watch the movie. We knew Genesis Deluxe had better speakers and was therefore a better option but the traffic. As mainlanders.

The most awesome movie this year had begun. Ghen Ghen. Then Bruce Wayne kissed a babe. Next thing, they were lying down by the fire side. Pause. American movies don't skip sex scenes. Next thing, the movie goes silent. Miranda is telling a story about how she was poor. We could pick out some volume but it was obvious someone had obviously turned the volume down.

It happened one more time. We ignored it. Then Bane[Bayne?] comes out of one of the entrances into the stadium to give his propaganda and the movie goes silent for the third time!. I couldn't take it anymore. I yelled! Then I walked out and met the staff at the gate and told them the movie had been muted and fast forwarded three times. I didn't pay N1,500 to watch half of Dark Knight Rises. No no no.

They never muted it after that. So I began to ask a few questions. Why would a movie theatre mute some parts of a fictional movie? I mean we know we're living in an imaginary democracy but it's not that bad. Or does the management of Ozone cinemas not like certain parts of The Dark Knight Rises? We didn't force you to sell tickets to it sha.

Yeah, bottom line is, you don't want to watch The Dark Knight Rises at Ozone Cinemas. It'll be a while before I watch another movie there.

...and for our super geeky movie bros, The Dark Knight Rises[Original Soundtrack] - Hans Zimmer. Amazon affiliate link.