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Sunday, August 5, 2012

What is TNSMW? - Sketch

First Of All, I'll Like to start by saying, TNSMW is a project. A project that will continue to go on. A medium by which I will be releasing new music. TNSMW means THE NEW SKETCH MUSIC WEEK. This TNSMW is going down this august, 6th to 10th to be precise, & it's the week where I am gonna be dropping my forth comin' song.
Interesting isn't it?, using a whole week to drop one song? .. How am I gonna do that anyway? ... Why are you doin' this? .. I'm sure you Probably wanna ask these questions.

Well the reason I'm doin' this is, wait, first lemme ask you a question, If you were to see a link to a song you don't know who sang, or rather, a song by an artiste you don't know about, I don't think you'll Wanna download it, I don't think you'll even download it. Hold that thought, Now that's the aim of the project.

This Month's TNSMW will be occuring from the 6th - the 10th of august As earlier stated & the line ups for it are:
Monday (6th) - wax Lyrical Night At koko Lounge [5pm - 9pm (ends 9pm on the dot)]
Wednesday (8th) - Radio Interview (name of Radio station withheld) at 8pm.
Thursday (9th) - Release of Video Teaser.
Friday (10th) - Song Drops.

Thanks for the time. God bless. Stay tuned and follow me on @ItzSketch