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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yaba Legislative Council Bus Skips Traffic, Gets Accosted By LASTMA and FRSC[PHOTOS]

About 4 hours ago, we were trying to cross over from Jibowu to Moshalashi. The traffic light wasn't working so there were a few LASTMA and FRSC officials controlling traffic.

We got to the point where the traffic light is and suddenly, this bus marked "Yaba Legislative Council" comes from nowhere, takes the wrong lane and skips traffic. My father was pissed. We had been there for almost 10 minutes. We thought LASTMA would let him go so we were about to get down when this bunch of FRSC and LASTMA officials comes from the side and they try to open the door. The driver and front seat passenger tried to stop them. Then a man from a car gets down, and walks up to the bus to ensure the bus driver is arrested.

On impulse, I started taking pictures. If Yaba Legislative Council buses can't obey simple traffic laws, who will?

Here are photos of the bus marked FN 899 LND beating traffic. In the first picture, you can see an Okada man raising an arm against him.