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Saturday, October 6, 2012

LOL So I've Decided To Keep A Journal

I read an awful load of stuff daily. So I was reading something on Feedly or Evernote(I really can't remember now) and someone said some stuff about how important keeping a journal is. I decided there and then that I'll keep a journal.

I've tried this quite a number of times to be honest. In SS1 my teacher made us keep journals so we could improve on our writing skills. I don't even know if that worked because she got tired of reading our thoughts after the first month.

So here's the first entry in my journal about writing journals.

I'll post some of them here or excerpts from certain days or weeks or whatever it is I decide.

Here we go!

Yes, I'll keep putting up someecards in all my posts and they'll be more random than ever :D