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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Journal Entry 2

Journal Entry 2
Monday October 5th

Lawl. I forgot to write(type) in my journal yesterday. We were practically out the whole day. Thing didn't even cross my mind. Setting a reminder for it will kill spontaneity. So I won't do that.

Yesterday, someone uploaded a video online. A video of 4 young men, all of them alleged laptop and phone thieves getting beat up. And then burnt. Alive.

Now that was stupid. Not just the video or the beating or the burning. The entire barbaric idea that we have not to hand over a person to the police or a regular court. Let the court decide whether a person is guilty or not. Someone can frame your kid tomorrow yo.

Yes, we know that people get away with crimes in Nigeria because they have deep pockets. If you can't trust the government, can you at least wait for your village chiefs to come? That's the first stupid part.

The second stupid part is the video. You're illegally murdering 4 young men and the wisest thing to come to your mind is to record the video and propagate it.

Anyways, thanks to that video, the police can now know who did what and pick-up all the perpertrators. If you're reading this from Aluu, you should know that standing by and watching a crime happen while you hail them is also a crime. You aint got nothing to do witchur life. Obviously.

Let's not be stupid about this please. This isn't GEJ's fault. Stupid things happen when we give stupid people the chance to be stupid.

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