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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Journal Entry 3. I Suck

October 11

I really don't know how I'll be serious with this journal thing.

Sent a few stuff to my friend a few minutes ago. She just found out she won't be going to school for the next year and she's worried. At the bottom are links to online stuff I've read today. I figured I should put all the stuff I read daily in one public place.

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Anyways, I've figured school this year is probably not working out for you. And you're probably sad that everyone seems to be moving ahead with school and you're left behind and what not.

You know what?

It doesn't even matter. The last two years of my life have been the most exciting ever because I get to work with loads of awesome people in the industry I'll love to work in. 

Most of all, I get to think. Thinking is the most important. Schools don't let you think. There's too much work to have time to think.

I've been able to figure out what I like and the weird things I didn't even know I didn't like lol. And it's awesome!

You'll be just fine. Just don't stay indoors too much. You'll be too depressed. Tried it for 6 months lol. Yes, it's awful when everyone's away.

Stuff I read today

Opinion: Move over Twitter? Why Instagram will be the next big social media platform - YNaija![Easily the most ignorant piece I've read all week]

No Filter: How Hipstamatic Pivoted Into A Flat Spin - Fast Company[It's a 3-part piece on how Hipstamatic has had to battle Instagram. I'm still reading]

For Colored Women - The Naked Convos[Probably, the best Nigerian blog series this year. Naked Convos is doing amazing stuff. Where does toolsman find these people?]

Jack Dorsey, Eric Schmidt Back Peek, Another Beautiful Curated Travel Startup - Fast Company
Image: Someecards