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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Journal Entry 6 - Nigeria's Disappearing History

Tuesday 16th October

On the way home yesterday, I had a very long discussion with my dad about Chinua Achebe's new book - There Was A Country and the response it has gotten from Nigeria's 'leaders'.

My dad agrees as with a lot of other people that all the sides of the civil war made mistakes. My issue with Nigerian history over the years is how everyone tells the side of a story to support his tribe.

Baba studied history in the University so he gave us the lowdown of everything.

There's however an upside to not knowing Nigerian history. If I, as a Yoruba man do(does?) Not know who planned the first coup or the second coup or the third? I can't come and say "oh he's an Igbo man, don't give him the contract" because in all honesty I'll have nothing against Igbo or Hausa people.

The people that know

A lady in my church from the South-South got engaged to a man from the east. It turned out, her father didn't approve the engagement. So my dad(being all nice and dandy) spoke to her father and it turns out, he still holds scars from the civil war. He claims the Igbo people took over his town and almost made them slaves. He's been hurt since then.

Do I really care about what tribe planned a coup against the other tribe? Not really.

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